Nearly all retail spaces at Lauttis Shopping Centre leased out

YIT CORPORATION Press Release, May 17, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

Lauttasaaren uusi keskusta 2 YIT
Lauttasaaren uusi keskusta 2 YIT

Over 90% of the retail space at the Lauttis Shopping Centre, scheduled to open in late 2016, has already been leased out. The tenants at the new shopping centre include K-Supermarket, S-Market, Alko, Pharmacy, Nordea Bank, Instrumentarium, Silmäasema opticians, Salon Pepe Åhman, Life health food shop, Karkkitori pick’n’mix, Kukkakaari florist, Erkkeri real estate agent, and R-kioski. The shopping centre will also house a number of quality restaurants and cafés, such as Pizzarium, Ahorita, Hanko Sushi, and Fazer Bakery, Espresso House, and Wayne’s Coffee. With a floor area of approximately 6,000 square metres, the shopping centre has space for 25 shops. Together with a square built adjacent to it, the new building will create a new meeting place for Lauttasaari residents to relax and spend time while shopping.  

The building project is on schedule and the shopping centre will be open in time for Christmas. YIT is in charge of the development and building of the shopping centre, owned by Aberdeen European Balanced Property Fund managed by Aberdeen Asset Management Finland Oy. The shopping centre is applying for a LEED® gold certification for its state-of-the-art heating, cooling and lighting control systems. 

“We are proud to include Lauttis Shopping Centre in our property portfolio, as with the Western Metro Extension it will be ideally positioned for major customer flow in addition to serving as the key regional hub for retail services. The metro station entrances are integrated into the new shopping centre, which supports the commercial potential of the premises and enables close cooperation between different occupants of the space,” says Petri Bergström, Head of Asset Management at Aberdeen. 

The Lauttis building complex includes the retail premises and three residential blocks built on top, named Treffi, Keula and Nuoli. The six-storey blocks of flats will have a total of 140 flats which will be completed in late 2016 and the spring 2017. The flats range from 26 to 108 square metres in size. The complex will also include an underground parking facility.  

Lauttis and its surroundings are developed according to YIT’s Urban Village concept. The concept aims for a lively centre that is good for both living and entrepreneurship. With Lauttis, Lauttasaari’s old, traditional shopping precinct will be modernised into a vibrant urban block with good transport connections, a wide range of service and well-designed homes, giving the area a new lease of life. 

“The Lauttis project is a great example of successful cooperation between local residents, resident associations, the developers of the West Metro Extension and local authorities. To help open dialogue between the residents of the block and the businesses, we have created the digital platform YIT Plus,” says Kalle Isometsä, Vice President of YIT. 

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Free retail premises at Lauttis to let include 20–350 sq.m. suitable for children’s, fashion, interior design, leisure and pet shops.