Mall of Tripla introduces fashion enthusiasts to five shops making their first move into the Nordic region

Press release 15 August 2018


The leasing of premises at Mall of Tripla has progressed in line with targets during the summer – by mid-August, more than 80% of the space has been leased. Thousands of square metres have been reserved for new brands that will enter the Finnish market by opening their first shops at Tripla. The latest arrivals are the brand stores of Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay.  

The completion of Mall of Tripla brings interesting news to fashion enthusiasts. The Poland-based LPP Group, whose fashion chains are prominent in Central Europe, has decided to begin its foray into the Nordic countries with Finland and Mall of Tripla by opening five brand stores. 

Seeking out the best locations for its stores is part of LPP’s strategy – for example, the flagship store of LPP’s Reserved brand in London is on Oxford Street. Pasila’s emergence as the hottest location in Helsinki and the whole of Finland has not gone unnoticed abroad, and so five LPP brand stores will be opening in Mall of Tripla: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. 

“Each LPP brand is unique and attracts a different demographic. Reserved offers contemporary fashion to adults and children, with new products coming in every week. Cropp, on the other hand, is targeted towards young girls and boys interested in urban style. House appeals to young adults who want to dress in trendy and cheerful clothes, while Mohito is for women who enjoy an elegant yet comfortable business style. Last but not least there’s Sinsay, which draws inspiration from young social media and fashion influencers and offers young women the latest edgy and colourful fashion at a price that suits their budget,” says Iina Vapaavuori, Account Manager at YIT.  

“Our goal from the beginning has been to introduce international companies to Tripla that haven’t been seen in Finland before. It has been a long road – for example, we met LPP’s representatives for the first time four years ago. Now we can say that the hard work has paid off. Mall of Tripla will exceed all expectations when it opens,” YIT’s Director of Commercial Development Pirjo Aalto says and thanks her team for their outstanding work. 

Finland is capturing the interest of more and more European companies in the service and fashion industries. Earlier it was announced that the Cinamon movie theatre chain, Rieker Shoes, JD Sports and fashion brand house Baltika would all be joining Mall of Tripla in Pasila.  

“More and more brands are choosing Finland as their gateway into the Scandinavian market, explains Pirjo Aalto. “Mall of Tripla is attractive because it offers a selection of stores and services that have never been seen before. The Finnish Music Hall of Fame (FAME) and Surf Beach Helsinki are examples of business models that are new to Finland and pique international companies’ interest in the shopping centre,” Aalto adds.  

All this means that an international atmosphere is to be expected. Earlier this summer, it was reported that the Italian ice cream parlour and cafeteria chain Menodiciotto, which might be familiar to those who have visited London or New York, will be catering to the mall-goers’ sweet teeth. An agreement signed directly with a Swedish principal will bring in a 550 square metre O’Learys restaurant, which is sure to please those who enjoy an international sports bar atmosphere.  

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LPP Group: Mistral, a Polish clothing company established in 1991, changed its name into LPP Group in 1995. The Group has almost 2,000 stores in 20 different countries, most of them in Poland and Central Europe. The Group’s combined annual revenue for 2016 was over EUR 1.6 billion.

Mall of Tripla: Mall of Tripla, which is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2019, is an urban centre offering a variety of new cultural activity and experiences in addition to a wide range of stores and restaurants. With 250 stores, Mall of Tripla will be the largest shopping centre in Finland, located in the heart of the Tripla centre. The Tripla centre is a three-block complex which includes a parking hall, shopping centre, public transport hub, apartments, hotel and offices.