In honour of Finland’s 100th anniversary, YIT has developed a new yard concept and will renovate a park in East Pasila

YIT CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE May 23, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

Sähköttäjänpuisto1 YIT
Sähköttäjänpuisto1 YIT

YIT is taking part in the Finland 100 celebrations by developing yards and creating a gift park on the basis of new ideas. The development project will create new frameworks for sustainable and enjoyable courtyards which make it possible for different people of different ages to meet in shared courtyards.

"For over one hundred years, YIT has built and developed sustainable urban environments in which yards and parks have contributed significantly to the daily lives and enjoyment of residents. For this reason, in Finland’s 100th anniversary year, YIT has decided to focus on the development of courtyards of the future. “We believe that city residents’ wish to own, modify and use urban space is seen absolutely in courtyards,” says Juha Kostiainen, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Urban Development at YIT.

At the suggestion of the City of Helsinki, YIT will renovate Sähköttäjänpuisto park in East Pasila, in Helsinki, where it is possible to apply the ideas of the More life in yards concept. Sähköttäjänpuisto park is located in East Pasila close to the Konepaja area and in the vicinity of the Tripla development site. YIT’s gift park will also bring joy to the area’s residents who have lived for many years in the neighbourhood of YIT’s construction sites.

"Sähköttäjänpuisto park is located at the point of the new and existing urban environment, where routes and people meet. “It’s great that we get to see the results of YIT’s More life in yards project in the renovations to the gift park,” says Dan Mollgren, the City of Helsinki project manager responsible for the Pasila area. 

New yard concept shaping the yards of the future

During the spring YIT has participated with residential and yard experts and policy-makers in thinking about new ideas and solutions for courtyards. A goal of the project has been to look into how yards should be planned, utilised and realised as communal and functional spaces that make it possible to use yards as an extension of your own home all year round.

Four principles of good yards were found:

1)      Every yard should include a quiet, social and active area so that different people with different needs can find their place in the yard.

2)      Every area should find the supporting infrastructure, natural elements and acceptable functionality for its purpose of use. 

3)      The users of yards should have the opportunity to participate in their planning, but also permission to run and use the yards. 

4)      A yard is always changing over time and never ready.

The More life in yards concept has used background interviews and studies and participation and crowdsourcing methods in different workshops and in discussions in groups of decision-makers. In total, over 100 experts from different fields have participated in the project.

YIT’s aim is to make use of the yard concept solutions in its own area development projects.

YIT’s good deeds for the year also targeted to yards

In the centenary year, YIT is inspiring Finns to develop together courtyards of the future and is offering its help in increasing the pleasantness of yards with small good deeds. In its own centenary year in 2012, YIT began the 100 Good Deeds campaign and has continued doing good deeds since then. This year, YIT’s good deeds will be targeted at courtyards. Good deeds could be, for example, small repairs, lending tools or equipment, brightening up the appearance of a yard, or guidance and advice on increasing safety.

Anyone can suggest a good deed. The recipient of the deed must be a non-profit entity, association, organisation, educational establishment, day care centre, retirement home or similar. The recipient of the deed cannot be a private person or a business.

Read about some of our good deeds and join us:

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Suomi100 - In 2017, independent Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary. For Finland, this will be a great year that we will all build together. The centenary year will give rise to action, experiences and events. It will involve the whole country throughout 2017. Through deeds we can examine Finland’s century of independence, the present and the future. Learn more: