PRESS RELEASE October 12, 2010 at 09:00


Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, HOAS) owns a total of 420,000 sq. m of residential buildings in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen. It has been possible to significantly reduce the energy consumption in the HOAS buildings simply by making some technical adjustments. All HOAS buildings are now connected to the YIT control room, and this enables the buildings' technical apparatuses to be monitored from a distance and around the clock. When deviations occur, immediate intervention is thus possible because the energy consumption in the buildings is monitored in real-time.

HOAS' 12-storey building on Rasinkatu, Koivukylä, which has a total of 88 apartments, will have a new heat-recovery system installed in it. The energy recovered from the exhaust air is diverted to heat the building and the water in the building's hot water system. The objective is to significantly reduce energy costs. This is a pilot project and it, too, is connected to YIT's control room.

The heating system in HOAS' rowhouse with 15 apartments on Kimpitie, Maununneva, was converted in the summer of 2006 from circulating-water heating system to one that runs on solar energy and geo heat. The energy trapped by solar collectors is stored in a hot-water accumulator and the energy is then used to generate hot water. Thanks to the changes made, the consumption of electrical power diminished by 45-50%, from 450 MWh down to 225-250 MWh. The calculations made and information obtained from the monitoring system show that the investment will pay for itself in about 7½ years. The building in question is connected to YIT's control room, and the building automation system plays a significant role in system optimisation.

YIT develops and creates EnergyGenius solutions and services for homes and business premises as well as for industry and infrastructure.

Additional information: Jorma Hentilä, Sales Director, tel. 040 864 4431, YIT Building Technical Services Heikki Valkjärvi, Managing Director, tel. 0400 501 226, Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region


Virva Salmivaara Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

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The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS) provides rental accommodation for full-time students studying at secondary and tertiary educational establishments in the Helsinki region. HOAS itself manages the renting out and other matters connected to the rental agreements. HOAS owns some 8,500 apartments and has a clientele of close to 17,000 tenants. Some 10,000 new rental agreements are concluded each year. The average duration of a tenancy is 1½ years.

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