First industry alliance wins the Construction Site of the Year 2016 competition

YIT CORPORATION Press release, October 14, 2016 at 08:00 a.m.

Naantali2 YIT
Naantali2 YIT

The multi-fuel power plant NA4 CHP under construction in Naantali has won the Construction Site of the Year 2016 competition. The win is truly significant, falling, as it does, on the first alliance of industrial construction. The alliance is made up of A-Insinöörit, AX-LVI Consulting Ltd., Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE) and YIT Construction Ltd.

NA4 CHP’s high-standard project management created the framework for a site that has been exceptionally successful in terms of its schedule management, cost-effectiveness and quality. One of the factors contributing to the site’s success in the competition is safety, which has been at a high level from the get-go.

The jury’s criteria included the high standard of professional skills among the individuals – from the developer and engineers to the contractors – involved in the project, the good spirit on site and the excellent level of occupational safety. In addition, the project has been successful in making plenty of innovations relevant in terms of costs, quality and schedule as early as during the alliance’s development phase.

Innovation has also continued actively during the alliance project’s implementation phase. New ideas are considered in a clear and managed process created precisely for the purpose. The people responsible for the innovations selected for further development and implementation in the project are rewarded every four months. According to the alliance’s project manager Timo Tuomisto, innovations already represent one of the project’s most successful aspects.

“We’ve had about 200 ideas so far that have been selected for further development and implementation, and approximately 50% of these have resulted in direct cost savings either in terms of the schedule or materials. In addition, many of the ideas have had positive effects related to safety, quality, and the environment that cannot be directly converted into cash,” says Tuomisto.

The recorded innovations are reviewed monthly by the alliance’s management team, which selects the innovations set for further development and the innovations to be rewarded.

The good spirit on site was one of the factors that contributed to its win. TSE’s managing director Tapani Bastman notes that the alliance crew’s team spirit has been good from the very beginning.

“I think the atmosphere on site has been good, and we’ve been able to discuss new ideas openly both during the development and the implementation phase. Cooperation and the aim for a common goal work well in the entire project, because the goals of the EPCM consultant and the equipment suppliers also converge with those of the alliance.”

Bastman is the developer’s representative in the alliance team called POLTE.

The good atmosphere is further supported by the strong spirit of the alliance, in which everyone is working to achieve the same goals for the good of the project and which prevents the birth of traditional adversarial relations. The Big Room working familiar from the alliance model is visible in the site’s everyday activities and has facilitated the coordination of various parties’ plans and schedules.

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