Finland's first regional bedrock heating project for zero emission living

PRESS RELEASE January 26, 2009 at 11.00 A.M

Finland's first regional bedrock heating project for zero emission living

YIT, Fortum and Uponor have jointly developed a technically and commercially feasible model for regional production of bedrock heat for residential areas.
The model will be first implemented in the Nupurinkartano single-family house area in Espoo. The construction of the area will begin in 2009, and when completed the area will house approximately 500 to 600 people. The heat pumps in the area will run on certified green electricity, completely eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the heating of the houses and the water. In addition, the system will enable environmentally friendly cooling in the summer.

Other Nordic countries have been successfully using ground and bedrock heat for a long time. In Finland, bedrock heating solutions have previously been building-specific. Combining the expertise of YIT, Fortum and Uponor has generated an innovative solution serving an entire residential area.

"The technology has existed for a long time; what is remarkable here is the social innovation," explains Matti Kuronen, Project Development Manager at YIT.
"By designing this kind of system for producing renewable energy and integrating it with low-energy houses, we have created a solution that benefits everyone." All houses in the area will be low-energy houses built by YIT.

"Solar energy stored in the bedrock can be harnessed without creating carbon dioxide emissions, which is efficient use of energy at its best, and compliant with the principles of sustainable development," says Jussi Ojanen, Sales Director of Fortum Heat. The indoor cooling of the houses will also be environmentally friendly, using the natural coolness stored in the bedrock.
"The solution has enabled us to minimise the carbon footprint caused by the heating and cooling of the homes," says Ojanen.

"The most important aspect of the solution is that residents will be able to enjoy an excellent indoor climate in their homes economically and in an environmentally friendly manner," emphasises Ilari Aho, Vice President of Uponor's Indoor Climate business unit. In Central Europe, Uponor has been providing heating and cooling systems utilising energy stored in the ground for a decade. As a regional system, however, the Nupurinkartano area is a trailblazer.

YIT, Fortum and Uponor are interested in joining forces in similar projects in the future as well. "The Nupurinkartano business model, based on collaboration, will bring significant benefits for both the developers and residents," Ilari Aho promises.

For further information, please contact: Matti Kuronen, YIT,, tel. +358 40 576 9105 Jussi Ojanen, Fortum Heat, Finland,, tel. +358 50 453 6801 Ilari Aho, Uponor,, tel. +358 40 707 7130

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