Completion of the first phase of the Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli block developed by YIT

YIT Corporation Press release 4 January 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Järvenpään Bulevardikortteli 04012023 940
Järvenpään Bulevardikortteli 04012023 940

The Bulevardikortteli block being constructed in the city centre of Järvenpää, previously known as the Perhelä block, is progressing as planned and people are already moving into the office building. The services of the City of Järvenpää and the public Järvenpää information point providing services and serving as a meeting place will move into the premises. The office building will also house the bank services of OP Uusimaa and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) health care services.

“Building the Bulevardikortteli block is an extremely important milestone for the development of the entire centre of Järvenpää. This project has progressed in different phases for more than two decades. Different functions in the block have been combined to facilitate and support the everyday lives of people and to bring the services, workplaces and housing together right in the middle of the city centre. Once the city services have moved into the building, we will open an Järvenpää information point for the city residents at the beginning of the year on 9 January,” says Iiris Laukkanen, mayor of the City of Järvenpää. 

The 14-storey residential block of flats owned by OP Vuokratalo Ky called Basso, which was part of the first phase of the hybrid block, was completed at the end of September. The commercial building of approximately 6,500 square metres was previously sold to German property investment company Quodora and was completed and handed over to the owner at the end of November. 

The Bulevardikortteli block will be completed in phases

The Bulevardikortteli block, with its approximately 300 apartments, office space and commercial premises, will be built in phases. The total floor area of the block is approximately 30,500 square metres. The project also includes the construction of an under-deck parking hall for the building’s residents and the renovation of the Asemanmäki parking hall next to the block which also serves the properties of the Bulevardikortteli block. The parking hall will be completed in 2023.

The block’s second phase has already been launched with the construction of business and service premises for the joint municipal authority of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS). The size of the premises is approximately 2,000 square metres​​​​​​​ and the estimated completion of the building is in autumn 2023. The commercial premises are owned by the OP-Public Services Real Estate Fund. The construction of a 14-storey residential block of flats, Järvenpään Balanssi, has also been commenced. The residential property is owned by Sirius Capital Partners. 

It is estimated that the Bulevardikortteli block as a whole will be completed in 2025 when the last of the three blocks of flats – the 20-storey high-rise building Järvenpään Briljantti – has been constructed. Briljantti is YIT’s self-developed project of 123 apartments, which is to be built at the railway station end of the block.   

Sustainable design and construction

The development of the Bulevardikortteli block promotes the dense urban environment in accordance with sustainable development. City residents, city personnel and different stakeholders were engaged in the implementation planning and zoning right from the start. 

The functionality and comfort of the yards were taken into account in the design. The yard area offers the residents playgrounds and public space functionalities, such as an information point of the city and routes leading there.

“The plants in the yards are designed and planted to bring joy during different seasons. Conifers bloom in the winter and flowers and grasses in the summer. We tried to find especially pollinator-friendly perennial plants. The plans are still pending to some extent, but will be completed in phases when the construction progresses,” says Attina Salmenoja, Project Manager of the project’s commercial properties at YIT.

A CO2 carbon footprint calculation will be carried out for all the buildings during the planning phase. In the commercial property design, special attention was paid to good indoor air conditions as well as to solutions reducing energy and water consumption. LEED Gold environmental certification will be applied for the office buildings. The amount of waste produced during the construction is being reduced, for example, by using materials more efficiently and piloting a site that produces no mixed waste in the Asemanmäki parking hall renovation.

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