Built in Pasila, Helsinki, Tripla is the frontrunner in accessibility

YIT Corporation Press release, March 14, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. 

Tripla yöllä Kuva soini horto
Tripla yöllä Kuva soini horto

The new video illustrates how people will live, work and move around at Tripla in the future.

The more than 400 YIT Homes at Tripla, which is being built in Pasila, Helsinki, will offer their residents full-service urban living. Smooth living and mobility at Tripla is also significantly facilitated by the fact that the new urban centre is a frontrunner in accessibility.

We started to think about accessibility at Tripla (here: the new railway station, Mall of Tripla, the public footpaths) in the early design phase, as early as 2015, with an accessibility designer. As a result, accessibility at Tripla is in a class of its own. Tripla is a pilot project for an accessible public space that has been designed side by side with the national accessibility design guidelines.

Tripla’s design guidelines and the new accessibility design guidelines to be published in May 2019 have been created by Tripla’s accessibility designer Sirpa Laitinen (WSP Finland Oy) together with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the City of Helsinki’s accessibility officer. Also involved in the drafting of the national guidelines were the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, the Ministry of the Environment and accessibility experts representing the City of Espoo and the City of Vantaa. The City of Helsinki’s construction supervision function and the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired were also represented in Tripla’s accessibility design.

In practice, accessibility is evident at Tripla, for instance, in the use of colour codes and contrast to facilitate perception as well as lighting, tactile sign posts, floor signs intended for a white cane, induction loops, simplified text maps and fully accessible routes. There are hardly any other places in the world where similar attention has been paid to comprehensive accessibility.

It goes without saying that Tripla’s YIT Homes have also been built in compliance with the current accessibility requirements. The first of these homes will be completed at the end of this year and the rest by autumn 2020.

In the future, anyone buying a home in Tripla will have indoor access to the Mall of Tripla’s grocery stores, specialist shops, restaurants, cafes, entertainment services and parking areas as well Pasila railway station – and from there, almost anywhere in the world via Helsinki Airport.

Convenience is often a key consideration for people deciding to live in a place like Tripla—an urban hybrid that combines living, services and good traffic connections. The popularity of urban living can also be attributed to the global trend of urbanisation and the trend of smaller households.

What will the Tripla urban centre include and how will people live, work and move around there in the future? Watch the brand new video! (In Finnish)

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