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ALREADY OVER 1,000 LOW-ENERGY YIT HOMES IN FINLAND                              

The number of low-energy homes built by YIT has passed the 1,000 mark. The work on building the first low-energy home unit began at the end of 2008 in Siilinjärvi, Finland and most recent low-energy YIT Homes will be ready when the Kokkola Housing Fair opens to the public next summer.

The planning of the new YIT Homes is being implemented in accordance with the YIT Energianero (YIT EnergyGenius) concept, which takes into account the requirements set for low-energy building. The heat dissipation of these homes is at least 15% lower than required by the new energy regulations that came into force at the beginning of 2010. The total energy efficiency of each building is optimised at the planning stage. The heat dissipation is reduced by better heat insulation, e.g. in the building's facades, roof, base floor, windows, and doors. In additon, the best energy efficiency can be reached by technical building systems solutions. The buildings are equipped with bathroom and kitchen appliances with low water consumption and household appliances belonging to energy efficiency class A. Another feature of EnergyGenius YIT Homes is the use of inexpensive and pro-environmental heating solutions, e.g. district heating or ground heating.

EnergyGenius living at Kokkola Housing Fair

YIT will be taking part in the housing fair to be held in Kokkola next summer with its apartment house unit Asunto Oy Kokkolan Merihelmi, which will showcase YIT's EnergyGenius+ class of low-energy building. Merihelmi fulfils energy efficiency class A requirements and it will be composed of 17 EnergyGenius YIT Homes ranging in size from one-bedroom and kitchen to 130 sq. m apartments for families.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of 15% lower heat dissipation and apartment-specific water meters, Merihelmi residents will be saving money thanks to overall energy efficiency. The architectural modelings, the heating energy need of the ventilation, the consumption of electricity by electrical appliances, the heat dissipation of the heating systems, the consumption of electricity by the ventilation fans, as well as the consumption of electricity by the lighting of common facilities, contribute in the form of additional savings in energy consumption. Merihelmi residents will also be able to personally influence ventilation, the biggest individual cause of energy consumption. When absent from their apartment, residents can set the apartment's ventilation to its minimum.

YIT develops and creates EnergyGenious solutions and services for homes and business premises as well for industry and infrastructure.

Additional information Matti Koskela, Head of the Business Unit, YIT Building Construction, tel. +358 40 557 6520. Tero Karislahti, Product Manager, YIT Construction Ltd, tel. +358 40 843 9895.


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