YIT’s Annual Report rated the best among listed companies

YIT CORPORATION News, May 11, 2016 at 15:25 p.m.


YIT’s Annual Report was rated the best in the category of listed companies in an annual report review conducted by ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals. The jury commended YIT’s Annual Report for being clear, illustrative and expressive. According to the jury, the crisp and succinct style of YIT’s writing is particularly well suited to readers who are accustomed to quickly finding the information they need. The jury also noted that the operating environment and essential investor information are presented in the report in a manner that is exceptionally comprehensive.

YIT was also recognised for successfully taking advantage of the interactive functionality provided by the PDF format. The jury found that the information in the Annual Report was well structured and delivered to the reader in a concise and clear package.

The theme of YIT’s Annual Report 2015 was More City. With this theme, we wanted to focus on how people’s diverse needs and changing life circumstances challenge us to create better and more sustainable living environments. The jury considered the “More City” approach a success and commended the way the theme was visually illustrated in the report.

YIT’s Annual Report was prepared under the integrated reporting framework. The aim of the Annual Report was to describe how YIT creates added value for its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The Annual Report also includes a review of YIT’s corporate responsibility and the GRI Index applicable to YIT.

ProCom’s annual report review was conducted for the sixth time. The members of the jury were investment columnist and blogger Henri Elo, Professor of Accounting Minna Martikainen and Creative Director Markus Frey. A total of 17 annual reports participated in the review, ten of which were in the listed companies category and the remaining seven in the category of unlisted companies and other organisations. 

YIT’s Annual Report is available online at http://www.yitgroup.com/annualreport

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