YIT has taken the responsible infrastructure construction rating system CEEQUAL in use

TNG Vy Sockenplan Enskedevägen 161109
TNG Vy Sockenplan Enskedevägen 161109

YIT pilots CEEQUAL, an international rating system for sustainable development in infrastructure projects. For example, the Sockenplan metro project in Stockholm and The Crown Bridges alliance in Helsinki have applied for CEEQUAL certification.

Customer demands for sustainability and responsibility are growing in the construction industry. One way to increase the weight of sustainability in construction projects is through various certificates and rating systems issued by neutral and unbiased third parties, which increase the transparency of responsibility measures. In the infrastructure sector, one of the most important systems is CEEQUAL. It is an international rating system for sustainable development, which aims, among other things, to increase the comparability of different projects. 

"CEEQUAL takes a wide range of aspects of responsibility into account at every stage of an infrastructure project, from strategic guidelines and planning to practical implementation and communication. It is like an external mark showing the customer that the infrastructure project is built in accordance with certain sustainability requirements. Although it has not yet fully established itself, I find it a very welcome addition. An infrastructure project needs different criteria to support its corporate responsibility work than, for example, a business premises project," says Mia Ranta-aho, Head of Sustainability at YIT.

In Stockholm, YIT is involved in the major expansion of the Stockholm metro, with Region Stockholm expanding the metro with 11 new stations and about 22 kilometres of tunnel over the next ten years. YIT is constructing the southernmost part of the new metro line from Södermalm to the district of Söderort. The project uses the CEEQUAL system, among other things, to ensure that the Region Stockholm's strategic environmental and responsibility work is integrated as seamlessly as possible into the practical planning and implementation of each subcontract of the project.

Several measures have been planned for the construction phase of the metro project to mitigate its climate impact. These include, for example, optimising material choices and resource consumption, as well as reducing the amount of transportation required. Among other things, the measures are aimed at reducing 25% of the total CO2 emissions of the new metro during the design and construction phase.

The Crown Bridges Alliance has also introduced the international CEEQUAL system to measure sustainability in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. 

YIT uses also other certificates and rating systems for sustainable development like BREEAM, ISO 14001 and LEED. 

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