Smooth everyday life, renovations and finances matter to house buyers

According to YIT’s survey on Finnish housing, most Finns are happy in their current homes, but more than half of respondents dream about a new apartment. The three things house-byers worry about the most are renovations to the apartment or for the housing company, their financial situation and the smoothness of everyday life. When asked about their views on housing and housing trends, Finns say they expect the importance of the neighbourhood’s reputation and the use of services to increase.

YIT konepaja 0890
YIT konepaja 0890

YIT mapped out the views Finns have on housing in its Finnish housing study in December*. Around half of respondents want to live in the countryside or in the peace and quiet of nature, but nearly 80 per cent mention services and traffic connections as important aspects in their replies. Furthermore, Finns think the community will play a more important role in the future. The majority of Finns expect new apartments to grow in popularity, because old housing companies have more and more renovation needs. Two-thirds of respondents expect apartments to become smaller in size.

“The survey indicates the change that is currently taking place in housing. Urbanisation is still strong, and consumers consider access to services and traffic connections when making housing decisions. Smooth everyday life is particularly important for people. The survey also reveals that Finns want to invest in their housing,” says Pekka Helin, SVP, housing business development at YIT.

When asked about their opinions on different living environments, one-third of the respondents say their ideal place of residence would be a suburban area with good recreational services and other facilities close by. An apartment by the sea or in nature is almost as popular, as long as services are available within a reasonable distance. Most Finns have lived in several areas, and one-third are still ready to move to a new one.

Neighbourly Guides answer the need for a new kind of communality

63% of actual or potential house-buyers think carefully about location and how convenient it is for everyday life. They pay attention to the availability and vicinity of services, and the reputation of the area is important for them, particularly in new residential areas. The respondents believed that the community of neighbours will become more important in the future.

Nearly all of the respondents said they say hello to their neighbours, and around 80 per cent know their neighbours by their first names. The most important elements of a good community of neighbours are honesty and reliability: the respondents want neighbours they can trust to keep and eye on their apartment during holidays and to keep their spare keys safe.

More than one-third of the respondents would like to talk to their future neighbours before moving in, and people appreciate personal recommendations. YIT’s new Neighbourly Guides service answers this need with its residents from across the country serving as guides. The service will open on the YIT Home website in mid-January.

“People have a high regard for agreements that are reached together and respected. They also want to be able to ask for help from their neighbour, or to borrow sugar, for instance. Our neighbourly guides are residents at YIT homes, and they can answer the questions house-buyers might have from experience,” Mr Helin explains.

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  * YIT surveyed Finnish housing in December 2015. Research company Evidens Oy conducted the Finnish housing survey. The online survey was completed by 1,000 Finns who constituted a demographically representative sample of the population.

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