More environmentally friendly energy sources in paving

YIT Corporation News June 27, 2019, at 09.55 a.m.

Sammonmaen asfattitehdas
Sammonmaen asfattitehdas

The asphalt production process requires a lot of energy and YIT has a long track record of investing in the reduction of energy consumption and emissions; for example, by seeking alternative energy sources for asphalt plants and paving fleet.

Asphalt plants have traditionally used heavy fuel oil as their energy source. YIT strives to reduce the use of heavy fuel oil by transitioning to more environmentally friendly energy sources. The use of natural gas and liquid gas (propane) as fuel generates lower climate emissions compared to heavy fuel oil, which supports YIT’s goal of reducing the environmental impacts of its operations.

In 2018, YIT’s first asphalt plant was fueled by liquid gas when the asphalt plant in Joensuu began using it. During this year also the asphalt plant in Kotka will make the shift to liquid gas. Using liquid gas as an energy source is, however, subject to a permit issued by the authorities. Obtaining a permit takes approximately one year and the terms and requirements vary by region.

In addition to liquid gas, YIT has used natural gas as the energy source for its asphalt plants for several years, whenever it has been possible and sensible. The feasibility of using natural gas is mainly determined by the location of natural gas pipelines. Five of YIT’s asphalt plants are currently fuelled by natural gas.

Paving fleet has traditionally been powered by diesel, but YIT has also taken steps forward with respect to the fleet. In Sweden, part of the paving fleet is powered by bio oil. Bio oil is a fuel produced from organic bio-based raw materials whose use enables lower emissions. In addition, YIT will begin using GTL to power the fleet in Denmark in 2019. GTL (gas-to-liquid) is a fuel produced from liquefied natural gas that burns more cleanly than oil-based fuels.

YIT will continue the development efforts aimed at the use of environmentally friendly energy sources. For example, YIT is currently investigating the possibility of using hydrogen as the energy source for asphalt plants.

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