Ivo Nikkolo to open at the Mall of Tripla

Mall of Tripla, currently being built in Central Pasila, will grow into the largest shopping centre in the Nordics when counted by the number of shops. Fierce global interest continuously attracts newcomers to the Finnish market. The latest addition to Mall of Tripla’s trendsetters is Estonian Ivo Nikkolo.

Ivo Nikkolo 1
Ivo Nikkolo 1

Mall of Tripla will be opened in autumn 2019, but more than 80% of the retail properties have already been leased.

The shopping centre will house plenty of niche boutiques and a Market Zoo where small-scale and local producers will be presented in a cosy setting reminiscent of an indoor market.

“Niche refers to a narrower specialisation of a product area where the offering is otherwise limited. Niche products and boutiques attract customers who are very aware of quality. Small-scale and local producers are often specialised niche operators, too,” says Pirjo Aalto, YIT Commercial Development Director.

Mall of Tripla will be presented in a big way at the MAPIC convention in Cannes in November 2019.

“Mall of Tripla has only great retail locations, so the remaining retail premises will surely be of interest to international actors. Pasila truly is the new urban centre of our capital, which is seen as the most important retail and encounter location of the future,” continues Pirjo Aalto.

Ivo Nikkolo, an expert in unique and confident style

The first Ivo Nikkolo boutique was opened in 1994 along a street called Suur-Karja in Tallinn, Estonia. The mid-1990s were a time when Estonian consumers, who were used to not having much during the Soviet era, started to value high-quality fashion creations more.

Ivo Nikkolo’s unique design has always spoken to confident women. Ivo Nikkolo offers original design, combining attention to detail and playfulness with a truly elegant classical look.

“Tripla is a strong new development in Helsinki metropolitan area. Our designer brand Ivo Nikkolo has been popular with our Finnish customers for a long time now, and so it's a good next step to open a stand-alone store in Tripla”, says Maire Milder, Baltika Group  Branding and Retail Concept Director.

Today’s Ivo Nikkolo collections are designed by Britta Laumets and Frida Jõe, who continue the brand’s original handwriting. The world’s leading fashion and trend portal WSGN has repeatedly ranked Ivo Nikkolo’s image campaign among the best in the world.

“Ivo Nikkolo is an esteemed and bright brand that will fit the spirit of Mall of Tripla perfectly. We only have the right operators in the best locations,” states Aalto.

For further information, please contact: Pirjo Aalto, YIT Commercial Development Director. Tel. +358 (0)40 500 2013, pirjo.aalto@yit.fi

Mall of Tripla: Mall of Tripla, which is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2019, is an urban centre offering a variety of new cultural activity and experiences in addition to a wide range of stores and restaurants. With 250 stores, Mall of Tripla will be the largest shopping centre in Finland, located in the heart of the Tripla centre. The Tripla centre is a three-block complex which includes a parking hall, shopping centre, public transport hub, apartments, hotel and offices. tripla.yit.fi/mall-of-tripla

Baltika Group: Baltika Group, headquartered in Tallinn and founded in 1928, is the leading fashion brand house in the Baltics. The group owns, operates and  develops five internationally successful fashion brands: Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Bastion and Ivo Nikkolo. http://www.baltikagroup.com