Innovations flourish in the alliance model

YIT Corporation News, April 20, 2020 at 9 am

YIT - Tampere Tramway
YIT - Tampere Tramway

The alliances of the Tampere Tramway and the Lapland Central Hospital expansion have created several innovations. Ideas sprout because in an alliance project, everyone is working towards a common goal.

“Currently, the number of innovations in the Tampere Tramway alliance is 930, of which 433 have been executed and 192 that are approved and waiting to be executed. You won’t get even close to these kinds of numbers in a traditional project model. For instance, if a contractor in a traditional project comes up with a money-saving idea, next they will wonder if sharing and later putting the idea into practice will decrease the contract value. It can also be contended if ideas and innovations are in accordance with the contract or if they change the customer’s original concept of the project,” says Kari Simonen, Production Manager of the Tampere Tramway Alliance at YIT.

Ideas are collected constantly, and the best idea – or sometimes two – are awarded once a month. In addition, all the ideas of the week are distributed to everyone working in the alliance in a weekly newsletter. The Tampere Tramway project awards the best ideas with gift certificates to shops along the tramway route. This way, the project also supports local entrepreneurs whose daily life and business are affected by the construction project.

Simonen says that ideas come from all areas of expertise. The idea can be a technical tool used to do the work better, a way to organise traffic more smoothly or it can be related to communications, for instance. Awarded ideas include a template that helps the work procedure for pipes going into a distribution board and a method that facilitates the installation of a curbside inlet near the curb stones.

In the Lapland Central Hospital expansion project, innovating is picking up speed but great results have already been achieved.  The plan was to replace the old civil defence shelters of the hospital with new ones.

“A significant individual design and planning innovation made it possible to continue the use of the old civil defence shelters, which crucially decreased the need for new civil defence shelters. The innovation created a cost saving of several hundreds of thousands of euros in the target cost,” says Janne Keskinarkaus, Project Director at the Lapland Hospital District.


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