An open-plan kitchen is an affordable way to create a sense of space

YIT CORPORATION News, November 7, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. 


YIT builds functional and practical open-plan kitchens in almost all of its properties. An open-plan kitchen is a doorless space connected to the living room or dining room. It is a solution that creates a sense of space, even in a compact apartment, by making the kitchen a natural part of the living area.

“An apartment feels more spacious when the kitchen is not separated from the dining area and living room by walls. It makes efficient use of the available square metres,” says Tuula Pappi, Customer Service Manager, YIT’s housing construction in Finland.

Closed kitchens can increase an apartment’s floor area by as much as 10 square metres, which means higher costs for the customer. Eliminating doors and unnecessary hallways from the floor plan gives you savings in square metres.

An apartment with an open-plan kitchen feels spacious even with fewer square metres. With a sensibly placed open-plan kitchen, even a compact apartment can feature a comfortable living area, dining table and functional kitchen, all in the same space.

“Combining different rooms into a single space provides a greater sense of space and comfort of living,” says Business Development and Investment Director Artak Makaryan.

“The customer doesn’t have to pay for additional square metres that don’t serve a real function in the apartment. This saves money and reduces the duration of the customer’s potential mortgage,” Makaryan adds.

In YIT apartments, different spaces can be combined into functional chains based on the customer’s needs and life situation. For example, the kitchen, dining room and living room constitute a logical functional chain. The living room may also provide access to a balcony.

The fixtures in open-plan kitchens are situated against one wall or in an L shape. The kitchen and living area are often divided by a kitchen island that provides more counter space. The base of the kitchen island can hold cabinets and seats can be placed around it.

Kitchen fixtures match the rest of the interior

Many people are concerned about how to keep an open-plan kitchen clean and tidy. With an open-plan kitchen, dirty dishes and the mess left from cooking can’t be hidden behind a closed door.

And how will it look to have a kitchen connected, without a door, to the most attractive space in the apartment—the living room where you host your guests?

“The design of today’s kitchen fixtures is very stylish and furniture-like,” Pappi explains.

Kitchen fixtures can be integrated into the interior so completely that a refrigerator, freezer or dishwasher can be hidden from view. The customer can choose the colours and materials of cabinet doors and other kitchen fixtures to match the rest of the interior.

In Finland, new apartments are delivered to customers in fully finished condition, including kitchens and their fixed household appliances.

“There is a tremendous range of choice of colours and materials. The customer can also request changes to the kitchen when the construction schedule allows it. YIT’s alteration service helps with the designs and implements the alterations according to the customer’s wishes,” Pappi adds.

Lighting can also be used to change the kitchen’s appearance.

“One frequently requested alteration is the installation of LED strip lights under and above kitchen cabinets. The lights can be dimmed and their colour temperature can be adjusted. Lighting has a significant impact on comfort. Whiter light is good for working, while yellower tones provide a nice atmosphere,” Pappi explains.

YIT’s kitchens in Finland include a dishwasher, which makes it easy to maintain a tidy appearance.

“Putting dishes in the dishwasher after use means that dirty dishes don’t get piled up. Where possible, it is a good idea to place the dishwasher at a convenient level to make it easier to put dishes in and take them out,” Pappi adds.

An open-plan kitchen is a comfortable space for the whole family

Pull-out cooker hoods ensure that the steam and smoke from cooking does not drift around the apartment.

“Correctly using a cooker hood during cooking prevents odours from spreading to other parts of the apartment,” Makaryan explains.

In practical life at home, the biggest advantages of an open-plan kitchen are related to its social aspects. The kitchen and living room are often considered the most important areas of an apartment. In an apartment with an open-plan kitchen, family members can spend time together in one connected space. It also makes it easier to chat with guests.

“I like being able to cook in the open-plan kitchen while chatting with others, whether guests or family members. Nobody needs to feel isolated, working alone in the kitchen,” Pappi says.

Three reasons to choose an open-plan kitchen

1. Functionality. In an open-plan kitchen, everything is within reach: a comfortable living area, a dining table and a functional kitchen.

2. Family spirit. An open-plan kitchen brings the family members closer together, allowing them to spend time in the same space.

3. Affordability. An open-plan kitchen saves square metres and money without compromising on the sense of space.

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