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Operating principles and control systems

YIT complies with the legislation of Finland and its operating countries as well as the regulations and guidelines for listed companies in all of its operations. Operations are also guided by the company’s values and business principles, which all of the employees must comply with at all times. The company has ratified the following guidelines and policies, among others: YIT Business Principles, YIT’s values and leadership principles, standing orders of YIT Group and administrative bodies, guidelines for insiders, the Group’s financing policy, guidelines on the accounting and reporting policies, risk management policy, corporate security policy, disclosure policy, investment guidelines and guidelines for acquisitions.

YIT Business Principles

YIT’s mission, vision and values are the foundation of YIT’s operations and ways of working. Our jointly defined values and Leadership Principles create the basis for everything we do in our daily work at YIT. YIT has defined Business Principles that help make the right choices every day at work. Knowing the Business Principles, applying them and discussing them is part of our culture of responsibility. Commitment to our values, Leadership Principles and Business Principles promotes the long-term success of our business and strengthens our responsible corporate culture. Success in business requires that we respect our stakeholders and produce value to various stakeholders from our customers to our shareholders. YIT Business Principles include the principles that guide our operations in relation to customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, competitors, society and the environment. Every employee is, for his or her part, responsible for complying with YIT Business Principles.

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