YIT Corporation’s Board of Directors decided the composition of its committees

YIT Corporation Stock Exchange Release 14 March 2024 at 14:30 p.m.

YIT Corporation’s Board of Directors decided the composition of its committees

YIT Corporation's Board of Directors held its organisational meeting on 14 March 2024. In the meeting, the Board decided on the composition of the Audit Committee and the Personnel Committee as well as the Investment and Project Committee.

From among its number, the Board elected Jyri Luomakoski as chairperson and Sami Laine, Leena Vainiomäki and Anders Dahlblom as members of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in the supervision of the Group’s reporting and accounting processes. Its tasks include overseeing the company’s financial reporting process and the effectiveness of internal control, internal audit and risk management systems, as well as monitoring and assessing audits. The committee participates in the preparation of the Group’s financing policy, financing plan and financing arrangements. The committee reviews the company’s financial statements, interim reports and half-year reports, as well as monitoring audits. It evaluates compliance with laws and regulations and follows the Group’s financial position.

From among its number, the Board elected Kerttu Tuomas as chairperson and Jyri Luomakoski and Leena Vainiomäki as members of the Personnel Committee. The duty of the Personnel Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in matters related to the appointment and remuneration of Group’s key personnel. Among other things, the Personnel Committee prepares proposals for the development of the Group’s corporate culture and HR policy, remuneration and incentive schemes, the rules for performance-based bonuses, and the performance-based bonuses paid to the management. The identification of talents, the development of key personnel and planning for management successors also fall under the preparation responsibility of the committee. In addition, the committee prepares the remuneration policy and remuneration report for the company’s governing bodies.

From among its number, the Board elected Casimir Lindholm as chairperson and Sami Laine and Anders Dahlblom as members of the Investment and Project Committee. The Investment and Project Committee discusses and prepares for the Board of Directors significant contract tenders, property development projects, plot and area project investments and divestments, acquisitions, disposals and equity investments. It also monitors the related portfolios, financial reporting and risk management.

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