YIT Corporation: SHARE REPURCHASE 29.8.2019

YIT Corporation ANNOUNCEMENT  29.8.2019
YIT Corporation: SHARE REPURCHASE 29.8.2019
In the Helsinki Stock Exchange
Trade date           29.8.2019
Bourse trade         Buy
Share                  YIT
Amount             50 000 Shares
Average price/ share    5,0138 EUR
Total cost            250 690,00 EUR
YIT Corporation now holds a total of 2 322 783 shares
including the shares repurchased on 29.8.2019
On behalf of YIT Corporation
Nordea Bank Oyj
Janne Sarvikivi           Sami Huttunen
For more information, please contact:
Ilkka Salonen, CFO
tel. +358 45 359 4434 
Tiina Kuusisaari
Manager, Investor Relations
www.yitgroup.com (https://www.yitgroup.com/en)