YIT’s Trigoni proposal is nominated as a winner of the Helsinki High-rise Design-Build Competition

YIT Corporation Investor News, October 4, 2018, 11:30 a.m.

HHR Trigoni 04
HHR Trigoni 04

YIT’s Trigoni proposal is nominated as a winner of the Helsinki High-rise Design-Build Competition, covering the development of the new high-rise district and the realisation of the first construction phase (start-up area) in Pasila in Helsinki, Finland. The realisation of the start-up area includes the construction of two tower buildings and a podium structure. The winner and the implementation contract for the start-up phase will be officially decided upon by the Helsinki City Council and the Parliament. The construction of the start-up area could commence approximately 2020–2021 after the city plan has been confirmed, and its value is approximately EUR 500 million.

According to the competition proposal, the first and the highest tower in the start-up area will reach a height of approximately 180 metres and have a total of 51 storeys. The tower is designed to include a hotel, apartments and a scenic restaurant. The other tower, approximately 140 metres tall and with 40 storeys, will house offices and apartments. The podium will include commercial spaces, street-level storefronts and parking facilities. Communal residential gardens as well as leisure and meeting places have been planned on the tower and podium roof areas. The start-up area is estimated to incorporate approximately 500 apartments, 300 hotel rooms and 1,000 new jobs in total.

In its entirety, the Trigoni proposal covers nine tower buildings on the three planning areas of the competition. The core of the proposal is formed by the podium and the five tower blocks envisioned to the western area, where two towers will be located in the start-up area. The podium will connect the towers to the Mall of Tripla currently under construction via a covered passage, while providing an unobstructed pedestrian access between Veturitie, Pasilansilta and Pasilankatu. The western area covers a total of approximately 120,000 floor square metres and its total value is estimated to be approximately EUR 1 billion.

A contract for the purchase of the start-up area and the realisation of the competition proposal will be drafted with the competition winner. A city plan allowing for the implementation of the start-up area will be drawn up based on the winning proposal.

A landmark in human scale that stands time

The towers with an equilateral triangular floorplan of the Trigoni proposal will create a uniform sculptural entity of international standards as well as a landmark that stands out in the cityscape.

“As a continuation of the Scandinavian architectural tradition, Trigoni is a timeless solution that is well suited to Finland and Helsinki. The facades of the towers with different heights are based on a raster of square and line, thereby creating a marked difference to traditional glass construction,” says Professor Rainer Mahlamäki, who is in charge of the planning team*) put together by YIT.

Trigoni’s urban space quality is generated between the contrast of high and low. The planning of the tower area takes into account the human scale, which is reflected in the pleasant pedestrian environment it provides. The low podium of the high tower blocks brings storefronts to the reach of pedestrians, and the outdoor area design solutions offer weather-protected passages that entice to arrive and stay. The pavilion in the tower square and the open space surrounding it create natural meeting spots for those arriving in the area.

Trigoni stands at the intersection of several modes of transport. A dense network of bicycle and pedestrian routes joins up with Finland’s busiest public transport terminal. The traffic connections create to Pasila the conditions for the second urban centre of Helsinki, which is alive round the clock and year-round.

In the year 2025, 850 busses, 900 trains, 400 trams and 130 000 passengers (47 million passengers a year) are estimated to pass through the Pasila traffic hub each day.

“Urban development is in the core of our strategy. Trigoni combines service areas regarding commerce, work, housing and transportation. Together with the Mall of Tripla services they form a unique whole, further enhancing the appeal of Central Pasila,” says Antti Inkilä, head of the YIT Housing Finland and CEE segment.

Ten anonymous proposals were originally submitted to the Helsinki High-rise Design-Build Competition, four of which were selected for further consideration by the City of Helsinki and Senate Properties in October 2017.

“YIT’s proposal offers excellent potential for the construction of a varied and dense cityscape. The proposed high-rise area perfectly complements the new Pasila, which is on its way to becoming both an important hub for transportation as well as a buzzing centre for professional, personal and urban life. By 2040, Pasila will have around 30,000 residents and provide jobs to over 50,000 people,” says Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of the City of Helsinki.

*) Architects Lahdelma&Mahlamäki Ltd., Landscape Architects Näkymä Ltd., Sitowise Ltd., Ramboll Finland Ltd., Caverion Finland Ltd., KONE Finland Ltd., Akukon Ltd., Peri Finland Ltd., Marker Creative Ltd., Brick Visual Solutions Zrt., Design Agency Amerikka Ltd, L2 Fire Safety Ltd. and Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. 



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