YIT to implement large service centre in Kerava

Investor News 23 October 2012 at 2.00 p.m.



YIT to implement large service centre in Kerava

YIT and the City of Kerava have signed an agreement to implement a service centre close to the railway station in the city centre. The agreement on the Sampola service centre was signed on 23 October 2012. The centre will have a total area of about 6,000 square metres, and the value of the project is approximately EUR 22 million. Construction will begin in the spring of 2013 and be completed in the winter of 2015. In conjunction with the project, street construction will be carried out on Sampolankaari and Virastokuja.

In addition to a one-stop service office for the City of Kerava, the centre will house facilities for oral health care, social services, family counselling, youth services, the Kerava Adult Education Centre, the Bureau of Education and Teaching, social and health care administration, public utility services and central administration as well as archive facilities. The centre will have offices for about 250 employees of the City of Kerava.

According to Mayor Petri Härkönen, the new service centre is a significant project in many respects.

“The Sampola service centre project is an important first step in the development of the city centre. It enables city administration to centralise services in one place, which reduces the need for leased facilities. This also offers new opportunities for the development of other properties in the city centre,” says Härkönen.

“Moreover, the new and functional service centre will improve services available to local residents and facilitate the further development of municipal services,” Härkönen points out.

“The construction will be carried out as a design-and-build project, in which YIT will be responsible for design, construction and building system solutions. This operating model enables us to serve the customer in the best possible way and make use of our extensive experience in a demanding service centre project,” says Division Manager Timo Lehmus from YIT Construction Services Finland.

The service centre will fall into the energy efficiency class A in compliance with currently valid requirements. Both its structures and building systems will represent high standards of energy efficiency. Good air-tightness, high-quality glass structures and customised building system solutions are key to high energy efficiency and reduced operating costs throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

For further information, please contact:

Heikki K. Hannukkala, Vice President, Business Premises, Southern Finland, YIT Construction Services Finland, tel. +358 40 5515 940, heikki.hannukkala@yit.fi

Petri Härkönen, Mayor, City of Kerava, tel. +358 40 3182 020, petri.harkonen@kerava.fi


Images of service center in Kerava: http://yit.materialbank.net/NiboWEB/YIT/showCartPublicContent.do?uuid=3838942&random=125434&lang=en


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Kerava is a small town with a big presence in the heart of Greater Helsinki, with about 34,500 inhabitants. Its total area of 30 square kilometres makes it the fifth smallest town in Finland. Kerava is decidedly green: the town has a green area ratio of nearly 100 square metres per resident.