YIT to carry out the life-cycle project of Nummi service centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland, in cooperation with Caverion

YIT CORPORATION Investor News March 10, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

Nummi service centre, illustration by Linja Architects
Nummi service centre, illustration by Linja Architects

YIT has signed an agreement with the City of Hämeenlinna on the construction of a service centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The project will be carried out as a life-cycle project in co-operation with Caverion, and its value for YIT is approximately EUR 17 million. The construction of the project will begin in spring 2016 with excavation work, and the construction will be completed in summer 2018.

Nummi service centre will include a comprehensive school, library, diverse sports facilities, social and health care facilities as well as cultural services. The life-cycle project covers the construction of the service centre and, after the building has been completed, its management, service and maintenance for a service period of 20 years. In addition, the agreement includes an option of extension of the service agreement by additional five years. YIT is responsible for constructing the service centre and Caverion for the service period.

Nummi service centre facilities have been designed for nearly 1,400 users, and special attention has been paid to innovative spatial design that enables diverse work and learning. The principal designer for the project is Linja Architects Ltd and the pedagogical design is provided by Qroom Ltd.

“We are very pleased that we can be part in designing and building a unique project in Finland – a new kind of environment that supports versatile learning. What is special about the project is that we were given exceptionally free rein in designing the project, which gave us the opportunity to take advantage of our strong design expertise and solid experience of life-cycle projects”, says Hannu Soikkeli, Vice President at YIT.

Illustrations of the project: Nummi service centre

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Sanna Kaje
Vice President, Investor Relations and M&A

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