YIT to build two life cycle schools in Siilinjärvi

YIT Corporation Investor News 14 July 2023 at 09:00 a.m.

YIT Ahmon koulu Siilinjärvi
YIT Ahmon koulu Siilinjärvi

YIT to build two life cycle schools in Siilinjärvi

YIT and the municipality of Siilinjärvi have agreed on the construction and maintenance of two schools using the life cycle model. YIT is responsible for the design, implementation and 20-year service period of the projects. The service period also includes responsibility for the optimum energy consumption of the properties. The total value of the contracts for YIT is approximately EUR 73 million, and it will be recorded in the order book for the third quarter of the year.

The project includes the Ahmo school centre, which will house a secondary school and upper secondary school, and the Siilinjärvi primary school. The total floor area of the properties is almost 18,000 gross square metres, and the facilities will serve approximately 1,260 pupils. A four-star environmental rating on the RTS environmental certification scale will be sought for the projects. Construction works will commence during 2023, and the schools are planned to be completed in phases between 2025 and 2027.

The starting points of the design solution are safe, healthy and accessible premises. The teaching premises will be made to be flexible and adaptable to suit different teaching scenarios and groups of different sizes flexibly in the future as well. The multi-purpose hall of the Ahmo school will be the biggest hall in the municipality, making it possible to play e.g. competition-level volleyball as well as offering extensive grandstand facilities. The Ahmo school will also feature a multi-purpose space that will form a functional entity with the lobby, canteen and cabinets. The premises will see efficient use, serving the municipality’s residents, NGOs and adult education centre in the evenings and weekends. In addition to teaching, the multi-purpose space will be used as a sports facility and for diverse cultural and other events.

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