YIT to build foundations for TuuliWatti’s new wind power plants in Simo, Finland

YIT and TuuliWatti Oy have signed an agreement on the implementation of foundations for four wind power plants in Simo, Finland. The construction of the foundations will begin in early 2013 and is estimated to be completed by July. 

When it comes to size and efficiency, the wind power plants to be built will be in a league of their own in Finland.

“Higher 4,5 MW power per unit also means that the number of power plants needed will be lower. In the new power plants to be built in Simo, the tower height is 140 metres, the diameter of the rotor is 128 metres and the tip of the blade is 204 metres from the ground. In Finland, there have not been any wind power plants of such efficiency before,” says Jari Suominen, Managing Director at TuuliWatti Oy.

The four foundations to be built in Simo are part of the framework agreement signed by YIT and TuuliWatti Oy approximately a year ago, the aim of which is to jointly build foundations for approximately 90 wind power plants.

“We have already worked with YIT before and have had excellent experiences of cooperation with them. We wanted to work with a familiar and reliable partner,” Suominen says.

“We develop our operations systematically and aim to constantly improve the service level experienced by the customer and the cost-effectiveness of the entire project. Long-term cooperation with TuuliWatti gives good chances for this and, for its part, is certainly an indication of YIT’s ability to act in the best interests of a project while listening carefully to the customer,” says Harri Orko, Vice President of YIT’s wind power business unit.

TuuliWatti is a pioneer in the wind power sector in Finland, seeking more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for wind power generation. In addition to the wind farm in Simo, other cooperation projects between TuuliWatti and YIT include wind farms built in Ii and Tervola in 2012. These construction projects accounted for approximately 70% of all new wind power capacity built in Finland in 2012. TuuliWatti will continue constructing wind power plants according to its investment programme that was published in 2011.

YIT will provide services throughout the entire 20–25-year life span of the wind power plant, all the way from the project development phase to maintenance. The services provided include earth-moving works from constructing the roads and infrastructure of neighbouring areas as well as the foundation solutions and electrification of the wind power stations.

For further information please contact:

Harri Orko, Vice President, YIT Construction Ltd, Infra Services, Wind Power, harri.orko@yit.fi, tel. +358 50 440 2322
Jari Suominen, Managing Director, TuuliWatti Oy,
jari.suominen@st1.fi, tel. +358 10 557 2371

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