YIT started several residential construction projects in October–December 2021

YIT Corporation Investor News 21 January 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

Rifei Verhnaja Pyshma_YIT
Rifei Verhnaja Pyshma_YIT

YIT started several residential apartment building projects in Finland, the CEE countries and Russia in October–December 2021.

The largest projects started in Finland and the CEE countries during the period were As Oy Helsingin Presso, As Oy Espoon Bulevardi, As Oy Tampereen Teekkari, As Oy Helsingin Waltari, As Oy Espoon Prenikka, As Oy Tampereen Ylärima, As Oy Tampereen Kanavanluotsi and Tornio, which is part of the Lappi Hloubetin project in Prague, Czech Republic.

In Russia, YIT began construction on two new apartment buildings. One of the projects is located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, a suburb of Yekaterinburg, and the other is located in Ramenskoye in the Moscow region.

The total value of the aforementioned largest projects is nearly EUR 200 million. The start-ups of the apartments are added to the order book for the fourth quarter of the year.

As Oy Helsingin Presso is the fourth and last residential block of Kahvikortteli, a residential development close to the sea in Aurinkolahti. The housing company comprises just over 60 apartments to be completed in early 2023.

As Oy Espoon Bulevardi is located in Westend, close to the sea and the Rantaraitti waterfront walkway. The unique apartments will feature high-quality materials chosen by an interior architect. The housing company comprises nearly 50 apartments to be completed in summer 2023.

As Oy Tampereen Teekkari is located in Hervanta. It is the last apartment building in the Tieteenkortteli block. The housing company comprises nearly 70 apartments to be completed in late 2022.

As Oy Helsingin Waltari is located in the Kirjailijakortteli block in the heart of the Töölöntulli district. Kirjailijakortteli is a modern version of the functionalist houses in this prestigious area. The housing company comprises just over 50 apartments to be completed in early 2023.

As Oy Espoon Prenikka is located in the quiet and verdant residential neighbourhood of Mäkkylä, close to schools, day care centres and a train station. The housing company comprises just over 60 apartments to be completed in late 2022.

As Oy Tampereen Ylärima is centrally located along Kalevan puistotie. This residential development is part of Tammela Stadium. The tallest building in the block surrounding the stadium, it comprises nearly 60 apartments to be completed in late 2023.

As Oy Tampereen Kanavanluotsi is located in Ranta-Tampella, in the Rantabulevardikortteli residential block. Kanavanluotsi presents the last opportunity to buy a high-quality YIT Home right next to the shore of Lake Näsijärvi in Ranta-Tampella. The housing company comprises nearly 50 apartments to be completed in summer 2023.

The Tornio project in Prague, Czech Republic, is part of the Hloubetin Lappi project, where each phase is named after a Finnish city and each street and square is named after a notable Finnish person. The Tornio project comprises nearly 80 apartments to be completed in late 2023.

In Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia, YIT started construction on 218 apartments as part of the Rifei area development project. The 9-storey building is scheduled to be completed in the final quarter of 2022. YIT has been developing the Rifei area since 2011. The area is scheduled to be fully completed in 2023. 

In Ramenskoye in the Moscow region, YIT started construction on a new apartment building as part of the Desyatka area development project. Comprising 165 apartments and nine units of commercial premises, the building will be completed in the final quarter of 2023. In development by YIT since 2008, the Desyatka residential block currently consists of 13 apartment buildings, 126 units in terraced houses and parking spaces for 400 cars. 

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