YIT signs agreement for a greener environment with Leksand municipality in Sweden

Investor News 24 June 2013 at 1 p.m.


YIT signs agreement for a greener environment with Leksand municipality in Sweden


YIT Sverige AB has signed an agreement with Leksand municipality and municipal housing company Leksandsbostäder AB to carry out an energy efficiency service project. The project covers some 180,000 square metres in rented housing, schools, preschools and other shared premises. The refurbishment is financed with guaranteed energy savings.

The first step is a survey of real estate holdings to determine the actions required. After this the municipality and housing company have the possibility to procure actions during the next four years. Once fully developed, the project will provide 30-40 jobs per year.

- We are proud to be part of and contribute to a greener environment in Dalarna with an effort that also creates work for many people, says Ulf Kareliusson, CEO, YIT Sverige AB.

The initiative will be based on strict financial requirements so that neither municipal rents nor taxation will be affected. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 20% to meet EU requirements by 2020.

- It is very interesting to be involved in pushing Dalarna to the lead among the counties in Sweden with the highest investments in energy efficient buildings. The added bonus of the necessary modernisation of the buildings is one of the reasons we started the project, says Mayor Göran Wigert.

Through the project, the municipality and the municipal housing company Leksandsbostäder AB also get an opportunity to develop the real estate portfolio with modern and efficient equipment that enable cost-effective operations and management of the properties in the future.

Leksand municipality is located in Dalarna and has some 15,900 inhabitants. Leksandsbostäder ABis a limited company wholly owned by the municipality and is the municipality’s largest housing company.


For more information, please contact:     

Daniel Svensson, Business Development, YIT Sverige AB, tel.: +46 8734 11 82, anders.fagerkrantz@yit.se

Anders Fagerkrantz, Business Development, YIT Sverige AB, tel.: +46 8705 32 78, daniel.svensson@yit.se


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