YIT signs a contract on the construction of the Keravanjoki multipurpose building

YIT Corporation      Investor News      August 23, 2019 at 9.00 a.m.

Keravanjoen monitoimitalo
Keravanjoen monitoimitalo

YIT, as part of an alliance, has signed a contract on the construction of the Keravanjoki multipurpose building in Kerava, Finland. YIT’s role in the alliance is contractor. The total value of the project is approximately EUR 36 million, of which YIT’s share is approximately EUR 25 million. The contract will be entered in the order backlog of this year’s third quarter.

City of Kerava decided on the implementation of the alliance project 

The City of Kerava has decided on the construction of the new Keravanjoki multipurpose building. The implementation of the project is based on a cooperative alliance model in which the client, the contractors and the designers form a single project organisation. The alliance includes the City of Kerava (client), Lukkaroinen Architects, Granlund (technical building systems design), Granlund Consulting (energy efficiency consulting) and Caverion Finland (technical building systems implementation). In addition, the alliance includes YIT Finland Ltd and WSP Finland Ltd.  

The multipurpose building will accommodate 1,000 students. It will replace the existing Lapila and Jaakkola buildings of Keravanjoki comprehensive school, which are to be demolished. The new building will have more than 10,000 square metres of floor area (gross), and it will have a kitchen with capacity for preparing 3,000 portions of food per day. The building will be completed in summer 2021. 

A school and a community centre 

The project development phase was launched in the spring 2018. In the development stage, different user groups have been involved in the design process, and their wishes have been taken into account in the project plan. The facilities have been designed to provide residents with the opportunity to use the premises in diverse ways during evenings and school holidays. Learning environments have been designed to support the new curriculum and different teaching methods.  

Health and safety are at the heart of the project in all its phases from design to implementation. The project has a Healthy House coordinator and it meets RTS environmental requirements to ensure good indoor conditions and reduced energy costs. Wood is used especially in the interior of the building.  

“From a designer’s point of view, the Kerava multipurpose building project is a great example of the alliance contracting model. All alliance parties jointly seek high-quality solutions within the project budget. Having a technical building systems contractor in the alliance team ensures that cooperation in matters related to technical building systems is seamless and cost-efficient,” says Vikke Niskanen, Design Manager at Granlund. “Energy efficiency is at the heart of the design of the multipurpose building. A new kind of energy supply model has been developed in the project, with Keravan Energia as the service provider.” 

In the alliance model, all designers, builders and users can have a say in the development of design solutions. All the parties share a common goal, which is to build a functional, high-quality multipurpose building that meets the client’s requirements and serves the residents of Kerava in many ways. This multipurpose building will be an important public building and a community centre providing not only modern learning facilities but also a platform for diverse recreational activities. It is important that the building is accessible to all and people will be able to think that the building belongs to the community,” says architect Timo Leiviskä from Lukkaroinen Architects.  

“The alliance partners have cooperated to find the best solutions for the functionality of the premises and appropriate system choices. Flexible and easy-to-use solutions have been chosen in order to meet the objectives of the new learning environment and maximise the adaptability of the premises. The premises and technology serve all users of the building,” says Ville Tamminen, Executive Vice President, Caverion Finland. 

“By continuing the smooth and close alliance cooperation that started in the development phase, we will be able to design and implement functional, long-lasting and healthy solutions in the implementation phase. When designers and the contractor work together, we can find cost-efficient solutions at every stage of the design process,” says Hilkka Ylä-Jääski, Structural Design Manager at WSP Finland.  

“In the alliance, we can make the best use of the expertise, experience and needs of all concerned parties,” says Matti Sarikkola, Vice President, Offices and care facilties at YIT. 

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