YIT Germany GmbH has received two new contracts: the renovation of a call centre in Bielefeld and installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the new chemistry building at Philipps-Universität Marburg. The value of the call centre agreement is EUR 6.4 million and the value of the agreement for the university in Marburg EUR 7.6 million.

YIT has been commissioned by STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH to provide services for one of the leading telecommunication companies’ call centre. It will be responsible for the heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitation, and air-conditioning systems as well as instrumentation, control, and automation and electrical installation, including interior fixtures. The contract includes renovation of electrical systems, including installation of a 600 kW heating system and a 350 kW cooler, in the 35-year-old, four-story building. Air-conditioning and heating systems will ensure a pleasant atmosphere in offices and training rooms all year round. Following renovation, the technical systems will be controlled and monitored via building automation.

YIT will also be responsible for installing the ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the new chemistry building at Philipps-Universität Marburg. The teaching and research centre will be equipped with six ventilation systems boasting a total air volume of approximately 436,000 m3/h and heat and cold recovery capabilities. In addition to the general laboratories and practical-training spaces, the three-story building contains four laboratories that require special ventilation technology. The contract also covers the necessary components such as ventilation turrets for incoming and outgoing air, an air distribution system, fire dampers, sound insulation, laboratory volumetric flow controllers, and airflow systems.

YIT has already worked successfully with both of the end customers. The company has years of experience in renovating existing buildings and installing ventilation and air-conditioning systems in laboratories and cleanrooms.

For further information, please contact:
Barbara Niedermeier, YIT Germany GmbH, Marketing and Communication, phone: +49 991 310 4287, email: barbara.niedermeier@yit.de


Virva Salmivaara
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications


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