YIT improves the energy efficiency of public buildings in Beckum, Germany

YIT improves the energy efficiency of public buildings in Beckum, Germany

YIT Germany GmbH and the German town of Beckum have signed an agreement to increase the energy efficiency of the town’s public buildings. The length of the service agreement is 12 years and the value is EUR 4.8 million. The agreement relates to a total of 52 buildings on 32 sites, including various schools and the town’s indoor swimming pool.

The objective of the agreement is to save annually 4.1 million kilowatt-hours of thermal energy (equivalent to 30%). According to calculations, the annual amount of energy saved will be 717,310 kilowatt-hours (20%), and 10,196 cubic metres of water will be saved per year (21%). This should result in a reduction of about 1,523 tonnes in the town’s per annum carbon emissions.

In an ESCO-project YIT as the contractor invests in technology that enables energy to be used more efficiently and thus lower consumption costs of the client. The contractor is then paid using the energy cost savings achieved. This model allows the client to clear investment backlogs and transfers the business risk to the contractor.

YIT’s energy efficiency services produced for Beckum are a part of the eServiFlex™ concept. This service to boost energy efficiency is suitable not only for commercial and public buildings but also for complex industrial properties.

For further information, please contact:

Barbara Niedermeier, Marketing and Communications, YIT Germany GmbH, tel. +49 175 7277064, barbara.niedermeier@yit.de



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