YIT implements the Torkinmäki public-private partnership project in Kokkola, Finland in co-operation with Caverion



YIT implements the Torkinmäki public-private partnership project in Kokkola, Finland in co-operation with Caverion

YIT has signed an agreement with the City of Kokkola on the implementation of the Torkinmäki school and day care centre as a public-private partnership (PPP) project. The project will be implemented in co-operation with Caverion, and its value for YIT is approximately EUR 9 million. The planning of the project will be started immediately, and it is due to be completed for introduction at the turn of the year 2016–2017.

The Torkinmäki school and day care centre construction project is the first project to be implemented as a PPP project in Kokkola. In its entirety, the PPP project covers the design and construction of the school and day care centre, and, after the site has been completed, its management, service and maintenance for a service period of 20 years. YIT is responsible for the implementation of the design and construction phase in the project.

The facilities of the two-storey building of the Torkinmäki school and day care centre are divided into four wings according to the different functions, and the design pays special attention to the easy adaptability of the facilities. The gross area of the building is approximately 7,200 square metres.

“The Torkinmäki project is an excellent demonstration of the design of a new kind of learning environment, where pedagogic principles and innovative development have become an integral part of the project,” says Hannu Soikkeli, Vice President at YIT.

“PPP and various other partnership projects are included in YIT’s strategic focus areas. We are glad to see these project models become more common, as we believe that they significantly develop the co-operation between the parties and high quality in the long term. PPP and other partnership models bring new, more customer-oriented thinking also to the construction industry,” continues Soikkeli.


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Sanna Kaje
Vice President, Investor Relations


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