YIT begins construction of health and wellbeing centre in Kamppi, central Helsinki

YIT Corporation Investor News 22 December 2023 at 9.30 a.m.

YIT_Kamppi health and wellbing centre_PES Arkkitehdit
YIT_Kamppi health and wellbing centre_PES Arkkitehdit

YIT begins construction of health and wellbeing centre in Kamppi, central Helsinki

YIT has signed a cooperative project management contract for the Keskusta health and wellbeing centre project to be built for the use of City of Helsinki. The contract will be signed with KOy Helsingin Toimitilat. For YIT, the value of the implementation phase of the construction contract, which is now starting, is approximately EUR 90 million. It will be recorded in the order book for the fourth quarter of the year.

Work on the implementation phase will start at the beginning of 2024 and is scheduled for completion in the end of 2027. The new property will be built in the Kamppi district, on the street and market area bordered by Runeberginkatu, Fredrikinkatu, Kampinkuja and Salomonkatu, on the site of the ticket hall of the Kamppi metro station. The building will have two floors below ground, and eight floors above ground. The project will provide residents in the southern districts of Helsinki with easily accessible, diverse and modern public social and healthcare services for around 140,000 users.

“The starting point for the planning and implementation of the project is accessibility and functionality for the user, life cycle sustainability and urban aesthetic quality. Due to the densely built above-ground and underground environment, the design and the construction of the project have high difficulty coefficients. The designers have found good solutions to both urban design and technical challenges,” said Tuomo Salonpää, project director of the City of Helsinki.

“Working in a densely built-up area and in a central location requires special expertise and seamless collaboration between the different parties involved in the project. The project’s implementation planning advanced well during 2023, and preconstruction work has been carried out on the site, including the laying of power transmission lines and road works. Collaboration between the various parties has been excellent,” said Jukka Viinamäki, project manager at YIT.

"Sustainability is at the core of YIT's strategy and it requires us to take action on the environment, social responsibility and good governance. Ensuring safety at work is key to the success of the project. Additionally, I would like to emphasise, also from an environmental point of view, the importance of time management, functional waste sorting, and the use of renewable energy on the site. Smooth implementation management is a prerequisite for the success of a demanding project." Viinamäki added.

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