YIT and Fläkt Woods sign a letter of intent on cooperation in production maintenance

YIT and Fläkt Woods sign a letter of intent on cooperation in production maintenance

YIT and Fläkt Woods Oy have signed a letter of intent on efficiency improvements and turnkey execution with regard to the maintenance and service operations of production machinery, equipment and buildings at Fläkt Woods’ plants in Turku, Toijala and Kihniö.

The letter of intent includes outsourcing and transfer of business. According to the letter of intent, the production maintenance personnel of Fläkt Woods’ Turku and Kihniö plants would be transferred to YIT Kiinteistötekniikka Oy with unchanged terms of employment as of 4 February 2013. As for the Toijala plant, operations would be transferred to YIT from another service provider.

In addition, the signed letter of intent includes a ServiFlex service agreement on comprehensive production and building maintenance at the Turku, Kihniö and Toijala plants. At first, the term of agreement would be three years, after which it would be continued until further notice. 

Fläkt Woods’ plants in Turku, Kihniö and Toijala manufacture ventilation fans, ducts and air terminal devices. Fläkt Woods’ total revenue is approximately EUR 150 million and the company has some 500 employees.

“We wish to concentrate on developing our core competences as an air technology company and we feel that YIT has a good corporate profile and the necessary resources for developing maintenance in the long term. We aim to improve the availability of production machinery by means of preventive and systematic maintenance. In this, YIT will play a key role in the future,” says Rainer Knuts, Operations Director at Fläkt Woods.

YIT has developed its services in comprehensive production process and building maintenance as well as in management of energy efficiency.

“Our objective is to improve the availability of Fläkt Woods’ production processes and to ensure undisturbed production with this partnership agreement. By developing preventive maintenance of production lines and improving energy efficiency of buildings, we are able to increase reliability of production and generate cost savings in energy consumption,” says Antti Lempiäinen, Regional Manager at YIT.


For further information please contact:
Antti Lempiäinen, Regional Manager, YIT Kiinteistötekniikka Oy, tel. +358 50 390 0915, antti.j.lempiainen@yit.fi

Rainer Knuts, Operations Director, Fläkt Woods Oy, tel. +358 40 868 3143, rainer.knuts@flaktwoods.com


YIT is a leading European service company in building systems, construction services and services for industry. Our 26,000 professionals serve customers in 14 countries in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Central Europe. Over one hundred years we have grown together with our customers and developed our services in line with the changes taking place in different societies. We intend to continue on that track. Our vision is to lead the way in creating and maintaining good living environments. In 2011, YIT’s revenue was approximately EUR 4.4 billion. YIT’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. www.yitgroup.com


Fläkt Woods is a leading air technology specialist and a developer of new applications. We have approximately 500 employees and our revenue is nearly EUR 150 million. We manufacture ventilation fans in Turku, ventilation ducts and parts in Turku and Kihniö, industrial fans in Espoo and air terminal devices in Toijala. Fläkt Woods is part of the international Fläkt Woods Group, with 3,500 employees in more than 30 countries.