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Media contacts

In all media related inquiries please contact YIT Press Desk Mon-Fri between 9 am and 4 pm (CET+1) +358 44 743 7536 or e-mail press(at)

Hanna Malmivaara
Senior Vice President, Communications
Johanna Savolainen
Communication Manager
Renata Zatkova
Communications Manager
Media contact for Baltic countries and CEE
Katja Tiitinen | Катья Тиитинен
Head of Communications, Housing Russia
Media contact for Russia

Graphic guidelines

These practical guidelines help you use YIT’s visual brand consistently throughout all mediums. 

Behind the link you will find instructions on the following categories: Logo, colour use of the logo, how not to use the logo, positioning the logo, colours, typography, website icons, positioning icons, how not to use icons, lifestyle patterns, using lifestyle patterns, and how not to use patterns.

YIT Graphic guidelines

Instruction on the protection area and minimum size of YIT's logo.

Image bank

These pictures are collected for media use only. Please inform the source of information with copyright YIT.

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