Lemminkäinen's investor relations website the best in Finland

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION                 ONLINE BULLETIN                   28 February 2013

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and the Finnish Society of Financial Analysts assessed the Finnish-language investor relations websites of Finnish listed companies, and rewarded the best ones on 28 February 2013. The jury considered Lemminkäinen’s IR website to be the best in the whole competition. Investor Relations students from the Turku School of Economics, who assisted in the assessment work, also regarded Lemminkäinen’s website as the best in the competition.

The jury was particularly impressed by the site's clear structure and layout, and its easy navigation. “The flagging notifications are clearly presented, and financial indicators are available for several years. The ‘Lemminkäinen as an investment’ section offers a good at-a-glance overview of the company, while links offer easy access to more detailed information," the review notes.“ It is important that the information is easy to find and in Finnish,” emphasises Sari Lounasmeri, CEO of the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion.

Katri Sundström, Vice President, Investor Relations, is delighted with the recognition. She comments as follows: “Nothing is as important as usability. This website is intended for our external stakeholders, not for us. I keep track of our website visitors and discuss with them in order to obtain fresh ideas on how to improve the site.”

In their assessment, the judges paid special attention to three key themes:

  • How well the website does provide a general idea of the company as an investment
  • How risks and financing are explained
  • How the ownership structure, flagging notifications and remuneration issues are presented on the site

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