Finns keen to live more ecologically and with greater individuality


Lemminkäinen’s “Constructive Idea 2010” innovation competition is compiling the wants and ideas of Finns in an effort to develop construction practices. Energy efficiency, recycling and individual living were the key aspects highlighted in the entries submitted in the general public category. The competition is open to everyone and aims at finding innovations for the construction sector.

Excessive clean and hot water consumption has prompted many to suggest ways to improve water recovery using various methods. The development ideas suggest, for example, the installation of two water pipe systems, the re-use of hand-washing water and using the thermal energy generated by a fireplace, oven or sauna for heating water.

Building construction is expected to be energy efficient, for example by making use of renewable energy sources. The ideas suggested include, among other things, the utilisation of solar cells in electricity generation, building refrigerated rooms near the outer wall and taking radiators away from under ventilation windows.

The suggestions to improve waste recycling also communicate a wish for more ecological living and construction. The recycling points provided by housing companies and shopping centres should also be improved and made more convenient. To reduce the volume of waste, it is suggested that every household should acquire an easy-to-use waste compactor.

“Faceless modern construction”

Boldness and creativity are expected from new construction - while at the same time respecting the traditional and consistent cityscape. People would like to see modern buildings replaced by more traditional forms of construction, such as old-fashioned stone houses. On the other hand, people want the interior spaces of their dwellings to be individual and modular.

Green space construction is considered an important factor for better living and for fostering a sense of community: useful plants could be grown in garden plots in the yards of apartment buildings or in roof-top gardens.

Responsibility and competence are required from the construction sector and developers. Worksite supervision should be made more efficient by controlling, in particular, the humidity of construction materials to avoid mould problems.

“The objective of the innovation award is to develop novel approaches and inventions for the construction sector to improve people’s everyday lives, work and mobility. The best ideas often arise from everyday insights, so we wanted to hear about the wants and ideas of Finns for future construction,” says Timo Kohtamäki, President and CEO of the 100-year-old Lemminkäinen.

The Constructive Idea 2010 innovation competition runs until Wednesday 15 December 2010. The winner of the professional category will be awarded EUR 50,000. In the general public category, the three entries that receive the highest number of votes will be awarded EUR 500. The winners will be announced in March 2011.

All of the entries submitted in the general public category can be viewed on the competition’s website at, where you can also vote.

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