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YIT strategy

The engine for growth and profitability is urban development involving partners. The company wants to differentiate itself by caring for customers, visionary urban development, passionate execution and inspiring leadership.

The implementation of the strategy is supported by three development programmes: Living services, Renovation services and Performance Leap. The renewal of the company to reflect the changing business environment is accelerated by changing internal processes, building partnerships, deepening customer work and investing in such innovations that help YIT to accelerate its renewal and further enhance its competitiveness. 

Profitability improvement

In the Housing segments, profitability will be improved by increasing consumer sales and supply of affordable apartments in growth centres. Smartti housing concept innovations will be utilised also in more traditional housing production. Profitability of the Business Premises and Infrastructure segment will be improved by increasing the amount of projects with longer value-chain, both in self-developed and tender-based business. 

Performance Leap development programme aims at reducing waste in current processes and ways of working. The target is a significant reduction of production costs through closer cooperation between design management, procurement and production. The use of pre-fabricates will be increased, production lead time will be shortened and central areas of expertise will be reinforced. 

In the different parts of the Group, YIT has achieved excellent results in improving customer experience, quality as well as work safety and wellbeing. The development will continue further and the best practices will promptly be spread out throughout the Group. 

Enhancement of growth

YIT will further enhance the project development in growth centres and expand its co-operation with partners to innovate, finance and execute projects. The company has established a new unit focusing on innovating long-term development projects in the whole Group as well as a joint venture company called Regenero in the Helsinki metropolitan area.  

YIT’s order backlog in Finland and in CEE is now record high. The projects under planning give a strong foundation for the growth in the next three-year period. The success of the projects requires taking good care of the strengths of the corporate culture and competent personnel.  

Living services and Renovation services development programs increase the new business. The growth is sought by generating new business models and concepts. 

The speed of transformation in Russian business will be accelerated  

The strategic targets of YIT’s Housing Russia segment are to continue releasing capital by improving the rotation of capital and accelerate the improvement of profitability. The target is to decrease the invested capital in Russia by approximately RUB 6 billion (approx. EUR 80 million) by the end of 2018.  

The company continues its business operations in all the current operating regions. Plots will be acquired selectively and the focus will be on such plots that have higher expected profitability and return on investment than earlier. YIT will utilise cooperation models and partnerships in new area projects in order to reduce the amount of invested capital. Until the sufficient level of profitability is reached, the volume of construction will be lower than it historically has been. Customer base and service offering will be expanded in the growing Service business.  


Stock exchange release of the strategy update

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Urban development boosts the growth of balanced business portfolio