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Market drivers



Our operating environment and the market realities related to our business are changing rapidly. New players are reshaping the market with new business models and operating methods. The tighter competition is reflected in continuous competition for highly competent personnel in all of our business areas. Adapting to the rapid changes in the market environment requires agility and a strong capacity for renewal. The ageing of the population and a more conscious consumption are examples of the changing customer needs that create new requirements for our operations.

Urbanisation, digitalisation and sustainable development are megatrends that drive market development in the markets we operate in. Urbanisation is reflected in our business in, among other things, growing and increasingly dense cities and metropolises, as well as migration to growth centres, which creates the need for new infrastructure and mixed-use construction. Digitalisation is reshaping the construction industry and the needs of our customers, creating challenges as well as significant opportunities. Sustainable development is reflected in our customers’ preferences and choices: people want to live in areas that are safe and comfortable while still being close to services, public transport and jobs. In our business, sustainable development means, among other things, the construction of attractive residential areas, building a denser urban structure, facilitating effective public transport and bringing services close to the daily life of our customers.

Our renewed strategy and focus areas for the coming years are based on these changes. The new realities of our market present significant opportunities to us. By taking advantage of these opportunities we can achieve our vision: More life in sustainable cities.