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Suomi Finland 100

This year Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary. In this year of celebration, YIT is inspiring Finns to join hands in developing the yard area of the future, offering assistance for making yard areas more appealing with small good deeds and donating one yard area of the future for public use.



To celebrate Finland’s centenary year, we are donating a park designed together, by applying the ideas of the More Life in Yards Concept. The park in question is Sähköttäjänpuisto in eastern Pasila, recommended by the city of Helsinki as a suitable park for this special project. The renovation of the park has started on Spring 2018. 

You can read more about the park via the link:

The park of the future

We are celebrating Sähköttäjänpuisto opening on 29th Aug 2018.

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Yards bring people together

The yard area—a place shared by residents—has always been a meeting place for neighbours: generations of them, some who have lived there for a long time and some who have moved there from elsewhere. In recent years, however, yards have lost some of their ability to bring people together.

This is why in the Finland 100 centenary year, we wish to bring more life to sustainable cities and make yards an environment where everyone feels more at ease. Good planning and construction can assist the creation and development of comfortable, safe neighbourhoods. Pleasant surroundings, hassle-free everyday life, familiar neighbours and a sense of community make people attached to the area in which they live. Those are the environments we want to build.



In the spring 2017, we examined future of increasingly comfortable and functional yard areas with the help of workshops where experts from different fields will be challenged to come up with new ideas and solutions for yards. In addition, we will inspire Finns to take part in our project by means of crowdsourcing. 


Read more about the concept and download the available materials here:

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Our gift to Finland is a diverse collection of gifts, the largest of them consisting of the 100 Good Deeds project. Throughout the year of celebration, we will offer our assistance in increasing the comfort and communality of yard areas. Good deeds may be, for instance, small repairs, lending equipment or tools, refreshing the appearance of a yard, increasing safety, or guidance and counselling.


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Kristina Broman
Head of Brand (Sponsoring)