Occupational safety

Every employee has the right to healthy and safe working environment. Occupational safety is our number one priority.

We constantly enhance our safety practices, and our management is committed to monitoring and improving occupational safety, for instance, by visiting construction sites. We also monitor the compliance of our subcontractors and the entire supply chain with our occupational safety practices. 

Our approach

We have a strong focus on occupational safety, accident prevention and an open safety culture. We comply with the instructions and regulations on occupational safety and health on all our sites. Our partners must also always comply with the workplace safety instructions and regulations.

Our goal is an accident-free work community and we continuously develop proactive measures for improving occupational safety. We monitor our accident frequency and conduct a comprehensive investigation of all workplace accidents.

Safety fact

Making safety observations is part of a proactive and caring occupational safety culture. In 2022, nearly 60 000 safety observations were made at our sites.

SDG Goals