Antti Tuuri's centennial history of Lemminkäinen


Asfaltti Osakeyhtiö Lemminkäinen was established in 1910 by a group of master builders in Helsinki as a specialist business and subcontractor. The company began by carrying out waterproofing works and soon branched out into the production of concrete products. Lemminkäinen started the manufacture of roofing felt in 1920 and the production of asphalt in the 1930s.

Lemminkäinen’s strong growth began in the 1970s, when the then modest asphalt firm started to develop into a diversified international construction company. Today Lemminkäinen employs almost 10,000 people in Finland and abroad, and operates in all areas of the construction sector: building construction, infrastructure construction, technical building services and building products.

Author Antti Tuuri has written a book on the interesting and multi-phased history of Finland’s oldest construction business.

”Having researched the life of the company in some depth, I am convinced that its development can best be understood by examining the key figures in the company as well as their strengths and weaknesses. I have therefore tried to write this book by describing the contributions made by as many people as possible,” says Antti Tuuri.

The writing and publication of Lemminkäinen’s history is a continuation of earlier collaboration between Antti Tuuri and the company. In 2007 Tuuri completed the centennial history of Lemminkäinen’s subsidiary, Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab (Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab 100 vuotta. Sukupolvet vaihtuvat – yhtiö elää), and in the following year the biography of Lemminkäinen’s long-serving chairman of the board of directors, K. H. Pentti (Kaarle Henrik Pentti - suomalainen).

Photographs depicting the history of Lemminkäinen:

Antti Tuuri:
Lemminkäisen sata vuotta. Merisatamasta maailman ääriin
(Lemminkäinen’s Century. From Merisatama to the Far Corners of the World)
ISBN 978-952-92-8090-2
Graphic design: Heikki Kalliomaa
Bound, 344 pages
Kariston Kirjapaino Oy 2010
The book is available only in the Finnish language.
Price EUR 46.90 at the Academic Bookstore in Helsinki.

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