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Guidance for 2017

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Guicande for 2017 (Segment reporting, POC)

Published on February 3, 2017

The Group revenue is estimated to grow by 0–10%.

The adjusted operating profit is estimated to be in the range of EUR 90-105 million.

The adjusted operating profit does not include material reorganisation costs, impairment or other items impacting comparability.

In addition to the market outlook, the 2017 guidance is based on the following factors: at the end of the year the company’s order backlog was solid and 60% of it was sold. Projects already sold or signed pre-agreements are estimated to contribute nearly 50% of 2017 revenue.

The increased share of consumer sales in Housing Finland and CEE is likely to have a moderate positive impact on the adjusted operating profit of the segment. The impacts of the shift to consumers will be visible in the result gradually.

In Housing Russia, the adjusted operating profit is estimated to be positive but to remain on a low level. Capital release actions in Russia are likely to have a negative impact on the profitability.

The first quarter of 2017 is expected to be the weakest quarter in terms of the adjusted operating profit, but to improve slightly year-on-year.