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Business segment structure

YIT Group

Kari Kauniskangas

Housing Finland and CEE

Antti Inkilä

Housing Russia

Teemu Helppolainen

Business Premises and Infrastructure

Timo Lehmus

Partnership Properties

Esa Neuvonen
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Changes in the business segment structure


YIT Corporation’s Board of Directors has decided to establish a new segment, Partnership Properties, as of the beginning of 2018. 

The new segment will focus on financing the development of significant projects as well as owning and timely divestment of plots and developed properties. According to its strategy, YIT targets to make the majority of big and long-term investments with partners.

Stock exchange release (June 19, 2017)


As of January 1, 2015 YIT’s three reporting segments are:

  • Housing Finland and CEE

  • Housing Russia

  • Business Premises and Infrastructure

Stock exchange release (October 30, 2014)



As of January 1, 2014 YIT's two reporting segments are 1) Housing and 2) Business Premises and Infrastructure. 

Under the Housing segment, key financial figures such as revenue, operating profit and invested capital are also reported for two geographical regions: 1) Finland, the Baltic countries and Central Eastern Europe, and 2) Russia. The Business Premises and Infrastructure segment comprises business premises construction in Finland, the Baltic countries and Central Eastern Europe, as well as infra services in Finland.

Stock exchange release (Dec 18, 2013)


The implementation of the demerger has been registered with the Finnish Trade Register on 30 June 2013 and, therefore, all of the assets and liabilities related to YIT's Building Systems business were transferred to a company to be established in the demerger named Caverion Corporation (“Caverion”). YIT's Construction Services business remained with YIT. The two business segments of YIT Group are Construction Services Finland and International Construction Services.


As of March 1, 2011, Building and Industrial Services segment was divided into two business segments, of which one covers the Nordic countries, Baltic countries and Russia, and the other Central Europe. 

Stock exchange release (Feb 4, 2011)


Building Systems and Industrial Services merged into one business segment, Building and Industrial Services, in the beginning of 2009. The other two business segments of YIT Group are Construction Services Finland and International Construction Services.Comparable figures accordant with the new structure are available also for 2008.


The Group's business segment structure was revised as of the beginning of 2008, with Construction Services being divided into two segments: Construction Services Finland and International Construction Services, which includes the business operations in Russia and the Baltic countries. Comparable figures are available also for 2007.



YIT Group consisted of three segments: Building Systems, Construction Services and Industrial and Network Services.