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Debt investors

One of the key objectives of YIT's treasury policy is to ensure sufficient financing for its operations and the actions required to reach its strategic targets. The aim is to provide access to financing on competitive terms while minimising the net financing expenses, to execute financial risk management  and to ensure sufficient diversification of funding sources.

Listing prospectus for YIT EUR 100 million and EUR 150 million Notes available

YIT Corporation announced the issuance of EUR 100 million and EUR 150 million senior unsecured notes on June 5, 2018. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has on June 11, 2018 approved the listing prospectus of the New Notes.

Listing Prospectus


Latest releases

Stock exchange release on May 25, 2018:

YIT considers issuance of New Notes and announces a Voluntary Tender Offer and Voluntary Total Redemption for its outstanding 2020 and 2021 Notes

Stock exchange release on June 4, 2018:

YIT Announces Indicative Tender Offer Results for its outstanding notes due 2020 and 2021

Stock exchange releases on June 5, 2018:

YIT Issues EUR 100 Million and EUR 150 Million Notes

YIT Announces Final Tender Offer Results for its outstanding notes due 2020 and 2021

Debt investor contacts

Karo Nukarinen
SVP, Group Treasury
Hanna Jaakkola
Vice President, Investor Relations

Key figures

EUR million  Reported

Pro forma

Operating cash flow after investments, excluding discontinued operations, rolling 12 months -152.7 n/a
Interest-bearing debt 932.6 825.8
Cash and cash equivalents  65.2 111.3
Interest-bearing receivables 53.6 46.0
Net interest-bearing debt 


Net debt/ EBITDA, multiple 4.8 3.6
Gearing ratio, %  79.8% 59.9%
Equity ratio, %  39.1% 40.2%



Credit rankings

YIT Corporation has not applied for a public rating from any rating agency.