We are now building the future – together!

We are now building the future – together!

Updated 6th November 2020

This year, smooth everyday life and related safety issues have taken on a new meaning. We have all been forced to adopt a new perspective on living, moving around and working – and at YIT that’s what we have also done. Our priority has been to secure the continuity of operations on our sites in order to complete the homes, commercial properties, schools, roads, water treatment plants and water towers that we are building on schedule and according to our promises. At the same time, we have developed our operations to serve our customers better and in a safe manner even during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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We are building for the future right now

Tekniikan opiskelijoiden ja ammattilaisten ihannetyönantaja

We employed nearly 600 trainees this year and we are the most ideal construction industry employer 

Incredible! This year, YIT has established itself as the most ideal employer in the construction industry for students and professionals. Thank you! 😊 We are extremely happy that despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus in the operating environment, we employed nearly 600 trainees and summer workers in Finland this year. Young people are able to gain important practical experience, while naturally following appropriate precautions.

Pihat ja puistit tärkeita hengähdyspaikkoja

Yards and parks are extremely important rest areas 

We have all felt the need to spend time outside during these past few months. Finns have explored forests and nature paths, central Europeans love their yards and Russians consider a functioning yard as one of the key factors impacting their decision when they buy an apartment. Our More Life in Yards concept is already utilised in many projects. 

Our product and service quality are appreciated

We are extremely happy about the results of the construction sector’s EPSI Rating survey, where our customer satisfaction trend is on the up for the third year running. According to the survey, we have the most loyal customers in the construction sector. Thank you for that!

The good results are especially visible in our product and service quality, in which we have invested.

Socially critical projects and constant monitoring

We prioritise socially critical projects, such as Raide-Jokeri, which would result in serious financial losses for all parties in question if it were delayed. We take extreme care at work. In case of suspected infections, we have clear operating instructions that are in conformance to the official guidelines. We are constantly monitoring the situation and react to changes quickly.

Let's keep the wheels running

We want to do our bit to keep the wheels of society running. Cooperation and team work – including our subcontractors and other operators – are the way forward in an exceptional situation like this. The road renovation projects in Lithuania is a good examples of this kind of project.


New future services

We are constantly developing our operations and creating new future services for the users of smart buildings in the fascinating KEKO ecosystem that we have developed together with our partners. Our goal is to improve the comfort level, productivity and environmental friendliness of properties based on data.

Year zero - white paper about the future of work

Together with Microsoft, we interviewed leading researchers and business executives in Finland during the summer of 2020, which resulted in publication "7 lessons on future of work". Read what business influencers and various experts in the Finnish business community think about the future in terms of working life, management and digitalization.


How are our sites doing? 

New homes under construction 

A total of 1,650 new homes are under construction as we have launched the construction of several apartment buildings in different countries during the spring. The preparation and planning of the Perhelä hybrid block in Järvenpää is progressing on schedule despite the exceptional situation.  

YIT to participate in the construction of the new HUS eye hospital in Helsinki 

YIT and HUS Kiinteistöt Oy have signed a contract for the implementation of the new eye hospital in Meilahti, Helsinki, Finland. The development phase, which has just been launched, will last until the end of 2020.  

30,000 kilometres of roads to maintain – the amount of take-away package waste along the roadside is increasing 

We maintain the public and private road and street networks of the ELY Centres, cities and municipalities. We also carry out street and road construction as well as green and municipal engineering work. The PANU Service Center, which is on duty 24 hours a day, assists contractors in monitoring weather conditions and providing up-to-date information

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is already visible on the roadside: the amount of litter in the form of take-away packages is increasing. With the summer coming, the problem is certain to get worse. Dumping waste involves seasonal variation. The contract areas of YIT Road Maintenance collect and sort all waste in accordance with an environmental plan. The bill for cleaning is ultimately paid by the taxpayer. 


We want to share and increase confidence in the future from the entire urban development’s point of view.  So, let’s hold on to our dreams, big or small. The lively, functional and sustainable cities and towns of the future are built together. 


Together we can do it,

YIT employees


P.s. Please do not hesitate to contact us corona@yit.fi if you have questions about corona virus to YIT. Our other contact details here.