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Case examples of sustainable cities

Mixed use, where everything is close - Case Tripla

When Tripla rises at the beginning of the next decade, Central Pasila will become the new centre of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Tripla will be a three-block complex that includes a shopping centre, a parking garage, public transportation hub, housing, hotels and offices. The total area will be an impressive 183,000 floor square meters. Tripla will be constructed in stages during 2019–2022.

  • Tripla is located in the heart of train, tram and bus transportation with around 130,000 passangers per day.
  • Tripla is being built to meet the criteria of the highest platinum level of LEED environmental certification.
  • Green roofs will cover one third of the total roof area, creating a park-like feel.
  • Tripla will feature 3,400 parking spots for bicycles and nearly 350 charging stations for electric cars.
  • Water consumption will be 20% lower than the current good level.
  • Waste will be collected via a centralised vacuum waste collection system.
  • Tripla will use district heating and cooling.

community involvement - Case Konepaja

Konepaja district in Helsinki, Finland is an inspiring combination of the urban city centre, new architecture and industrial history. YIT partnered with the Vyyhti Helsinki think tank in the summer 2015 to carry out a development project for the YIT Plus home portal. The cornerstone of the project was to build a sustainable and pleasant residential area of high vitality, where the residents are closely involved in developing their neighbourhood and the YIT Plus service.

One of the biggest occasions was a recycling-oriented event for local residents held in August on Cleaning Day, a local festival that is gaining popularity in many Finnish cities. The event included a fun programme for both children and adults as well as opportunities to learn more about the Konepaja district, its architecture and its history.

The YIT Plus service is an interactive virtual community for residents that makes it easy to handle all matters related to one’s home and housing company. The service provides access to important bulletins and documentation concerning the housing company and the user’s home, as well as a platform for having discussions with neighbours and ordering services from the property manager or maintenance company.

Social infrastructure in Russia

We build good living environments in seven cities in Russia. We work with local municipal administrators to plan the social infrastructure required for urban areas and our area development projects.

Examples of social infrastructure in Russia:

  • in the Novo Orlovsky residential area development project in northern St. Petersburg, designing and building a school for 825 pupils that will be signed over to the city, along with its outdoor areas, after completion
  • signing over to the city two plots in the Novo Orlovsky project for the purpose of building two day-care centres for 140 children each 
  • is building a day-care centre as part of the Rifei  area development project in Yekaterinburg
  • built a day-care centre in Sovremennik, an area development project in Kazan

Environmental art - case Penttilänranta

Environmental art in daily life is an emerging feature in Finnish housing construction. Low-threshold art creates an identity, a sense of community and economic sustainability for residents, cities as well as developers. The term art plan describes this new approach to construction.

In Joensuu, Finland, there is an ambitious residential development project underway in Penttilänranta. The old sawmill district will have a new identity as an art district.

The diverse art in Penttilänranta blends into the buildings and the environment in general. Diverse visual art is a particular characteristic of the district. The first work of art completed in the district is Joet (Rivers), made from sunken logs and recycled glass by Pekka Paikkari. It is a well-received work of art that extends from the facade of the building constructed by YIT all the way into the apartments.