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Sustainable cities

Sustainable cities are in the core of what we do at YIT. We build cities in which people like to live in, where the wellbeing of the environment is taken into account and that last from one generation to another one.

Urban development driving sustainability

The current direction of urban development is driving us all towards sustainable cities where services are close by and the need for private cars and long distance traveling diminishes. Cities attract both young and old people as well as families. Services and creative work are concentrated in cities where the high density of people ensures a large customer base and a dynamic atmosphere. The everyday life in cities flows easily because of the approximity of good services and community around.

what is a sustainable city like?


From the social point of view, a sustainable city is a place where people feel comfortable in, where the community is strong and people feel attached to the neighborhood. The city also feels like a safe place to live in. Daily life is smooth in a sustainable city.


A sustainable city minimises the greenhouse gases that are produced in and outside of the city. The need for private cars and other means of transportation is low and public transportation is effective and attractive. Biodiversity is protected and nature is a natural part of the city.


Economically a sustainable city continues to be an attractive area to live in from one decade to another and the local real estate maintains its value, thus being a safe investment for people. The technical solutions used in the buildings are also made to last and the buildings are easily maintainable.

what do i get from this?

A sustainable city is valuable for all of its stakeholders.


For citizens a sustainable city means it's a comfortable place to live in, services are close, public transportation operates well and it's a good surrounding for living a happy and sustainable life.


For companies, a sustainable city means a place with population density and flow is good enough for profitable business at the footing of buildings. There is demand for many kinds of services and it is possible to spesialise. Sustainable city is a lively place and an innovative environment for business.

City officials

For city officials this means attractive urban areas that support the city's future as a sustainable place to live and work in. Besides, it means trustworthy partnerships in urban development.

The environment

For the environment a sustainable city means less greenhouse gas emissions, smaller utilisation of natural resources and more places for the nature and biodiversity to thrive in the city.

Case examples

We have several cases of urban development where different aspects of sustainable cities have been taken into use.

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