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Sustainability reviews

We want to make our responsible, sustainable business visible through practical examples.

Read on to learn about the many ways sustainability was incorporated into YIT’s day-to-day operations in 2018, the year of integration!

Sustainability Review 2018

"At YIT, we want to be builders of future-proof urban environments."

- Kari Kauniskangas, President and CEO

At YIT, sustainability and responsible ways of operating are at the core of what we do. Sustainability is also part of YIT's strategy, where our vision is to build more life in sustainable cities. Read more on how sustainability has been incorporated throughout YIT's operations from the Sustainability review.

Sustainability case: Tallin Kalamaja

Did you know that archaeological discoveries, such as a medieval hair brush, are occasionally found on construction sites? It happened to us in Tallinn. The brush turned out to be part of the biggest medieval discovery in Northern Europe.

The start of construction work was delayed by four months due to the archaeological excavation, but as a company that recognises its social responsibility, we were naturally proud and excited to contribute to the
success of the excavation.

Read more about the medieval excavation in Tallinn.