Competence and well-being of personnel

Competence and well-being of personnel

Promoting the personnel’s occupational well-being and competence development

YIT invests in developing the personnel’s occupational well-being and continuous competence development. Furthermore, YIT aims to be an attractive employer and offers equal opportunities to its employees. YIT respects the labour laws and ensures that each employee is treated fairly. YIT invests in the diversity of its personnel.​

Our approach

Healthy and competent employees are a key resource for us. We want to support and develop the expertise of our personnel at all levels of the organisation.  Our operating environment changes constantly, and training and coaching are an integral component of our personnel development.

We also invest in the quality of supervisory work. We offer managerial training at four levels: Mentor, Challenger, Partner and Inspirator. The training programmes cover areas ranging from practical supervisory skills to mentoring and the creation of an organisation that has the capacity to create added value. Training is also provided in English and Russian to managers from the Group’s operating countries.

We want to regularly hear about the well-being of our personnel, about how motivated and committed they are to their work, and how encouraging our leadership is. Our goal is to make sure that YIT continues to be a great place to work also in the future – one where people feel happy, and do their work with passion. One of our development tools is our personnel survey, YIT Voice, which is organized annually in all the countries in which we operate.

Facts about YIT's personnel
  • In 2020 employee engagement index was 80%
  • United, we are nearly 7,400 professionals developing and renewing ourselves and the industry.

  • We invest in training and development of our personnel.
  • We are #1 ideal employer in construction among students in Finland.
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YIT Personel engament
YIT trainee

Long-term work with students

Becoming a construction industry professional takes more than just sitting at a desk in school. Recognising this, we offer some 1,000 trainee positions and summer jobs to young people each year. We focus on comprehensive introductory training, communicating our values, way of working and competencies as well as safety for trainees.

We collaborate actively with all levels of education from upper secondary school TET training to vocational school and university students. In the YIT Junior -TET training program, young people who are in the familiarisation with working life (TET) period can get acquainted with the diverse tasks of the construction industry from site operations to customer service. In the YIT Path training programmes, both future employees and clerical workers will be able to increase their skills. In addition, in YIT Studies programme we offer university students the opportunity to complete their degree and learn from YIT's experienced staff during study and traineeships periods.