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Uzupis and its etude, Vilnius

In Vilnius Old Town, there is a small island called Užupis Republic which reminds of Montmartre in Paris. The complex of three „Užupis etude“ houses harmoniously blends into the architectural space of the island. Pitched roofs, house facades of the clinker bricks, windows decorated by shutters and green recreation areas allowing those who live here to feel good when welcoming a morning and finishing a day.

  • Wide choice of apartment space: 41-125 square meters area of 2-3 rooms appartments
  • Spacious terraces and flowered balconies
  • Safe and colorful playgrounds for little ones
  • Underground and above-ground parking areas for cars
  • Efficient and comfortable gas heating system
  • Close to childrengarden and two gymnasiums
  • Parks nearby 

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