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Large projects

The largest ongoing projects as published in the Half-year Report January-June 2019 and related releases.

The largest ongoing business premises projects

Project, location Value, EUR million Project type Completion rate, % Estimated completion Sold/for sale

Mall of Tripla, Helsinki, Finland

Releases:Letter of intent, Final agreement

~600 Retail 93% 9/19

YIT’s ownership

38.75 %

Tripla office, East and West, Helsinki, Finland

Releases: Rental agreement with Telia Finland, Rental agreement with Otavamedia Oy

n/a Office 86%, 82% 6/20


Finavia air terminal expansion, Vantaa, Finland

Release:Investor news

250* Airport 78% 12/19


Tripla hotel, Helsinki, Finland

Releases: Letter of intent, Final agreement, Closing of the agreement secured

 ~88  Hotel  84%  3/20


The Myllypuro campus, Helsinki, FInland

Release: Investor news

~73  Public premises 97% 8/19  Contracting 

*Project expanded.

The largest ongoing infrastructure contracting projects

Project, location Value, EUR million Completion rate, % Estimated completion

Raide-Jokeri light rail, Helsinki and Espoo, Finland

Releases: Investor news

~200 1% 6/24

Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant, Espoo, Finland

Releases: Investor news

~206 23% 2/22

The Light railway alliance, Tampere, Finland

Releases: Selection of consortium for implementationImplementation agreement

~110 61%** 12/21

Henriksdal wastewater tunnel, Stockholm Sweden

Releases: Investor news

~130 0% 10/26

Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant, Stockholm, Sweden

Releases: Investor news

~60 2% 12/23

** Includes the entire Light railway alliance.