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Large projects

The largest ongoing projects as published in the Financial Statements Bulletin 2018 and related releases.

The largest ongoing business premises projects

Project, location Value, EUR million Project type Completion rate, % Estimated completion Sold/for sale

Mall of Tripla, Helsinki, Finland

Releases:Letter of intent, Final agreement

~600 Retail 75% 9/19

YIT’s ownership

38.75 %

Tripla office, East and West, Helsinki, Finland

Releases: Rental agreement with Telia Finland, Rental agreement with Otavamedia Oy

n/a Office 69%, 56% Q1/20


Finavia air terminal expansion, Vantaa, Finland

Release:Investor news

~200 Airport 77% 12/19


Tripla hotel, Helsinki, Finland

Releases: Letter of intent, Final agreement, Closing of the agreement secured

 ~88  Hotel  66%  3/20


The Myllypuro campus, Helsinki, FInland

Release: Investor news

~73  Public premises 78% 8/19  Contracting 


The largest ongoing infrastructure contracting projects

Project, location Value, EUR million Completion rate, % Estimated completion

E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa motorway

Releases: Consortium selected as the preferred bidder, Service agreement

~260 99% 5/19

Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant, Espoo, Finland

Releases: Investor news

~206 10% 2/22

The Light railway alliance, Tampere, Finland

Releases: Selection of consortium for implementationImplementation agreement

~110 61% 12/21

Rimpi gold mine, Kittilä, Finland

Releases: Investor news

~35 37% 12/21

Soukka metro station, Espoo, Finland

Releases: Investor news

~35 7% 6/22